Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Week 5 Why I am a Wanabe triathlete

Why I am a Wannabe Triathlete

This week was cold and I did not manage any training in the morning. It has been a little bit up and down but this early in the build I am careful not to do too much. I do want to get back into a morning routine but my sleep has been uneven. This is when the true Triathletes are separated from the Wannabe or after several seasons I have learnt that for me at least more isn't necessarily better but getting a balance right has been extremely hard. I kind of like being a Wannabe.

Monday I had a rest day and pretty much decided to skip all training.The leg was sore from the mountain biking. On Tuesday, managed to get to cross fit and it was a good hard session . I rode there and so Tuesday was always a hard day . After cross fit rode home and then on Wednesday rode in to work , had a run at lunch time and in the evening did my wind trainer session. Surprisingly just had 3 x 2 minutes at 300 watts and 103 rpm but found it really hard even with an 8 minute recovery between each session. On Thursday , just did a run and cross fit . Friday another rest day and Saturday did not ride but just did my cross fit .

Sunday , I ran with Nimal and Jenna , doing a total of 21.5 km and in the evening ran with Molly for a further 5.5 km. It was a slow run although the first 10km was a little faster . I was happy to be able to run the distance without any real difficulty . The quads were a little sore from cross fit.In the evening I ran with Molly with stops along the way at a very easy pace for another 5.5 km making a total of 27 km for the day at a slow pace so that the legs were not too sore.

The week was not as intense .
Bike : 75km or 2.75hr
Run: 41km or 3.6hr
cross fit: 2.5 hr
Total: 8.85 hrs