Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Week 6 Wet One

Training about to become Well ...Not so easy
John Forrest National Park Sunday 22 June 2014 MTB Ride

Time is slowly but surely ticking by. It has been a very wet week and so no rides on the road but lots of wind-trainer sessions .Monday was a rest day after the long run on Sunday and I decided to just take it easy. Tuesday was a cold and rainy day so I did a run on the treadmill managed to run 7km with 5 x 600m@13kph .It was hard given how slow I am at present but managed to get through it. In the evening I could not get to cross fit with the traffic and rain so opted for a wind trainer session for just over an hour.

Wednesday , again a run fortunately outside at lunch for 7km and in the evening a watt bike session with 9 x 30secs at max pace and 120 cadence followed by a 2.30 minute recovery . That was hard .
Fortunately I did not ride there. Thursday , just had the cross fit session and Friday I ran at lunch doing 7km slow and a further 5.5 km in the evening with Molly. Saturday , expecting more rain I opted for a wind trainer session although the weather turned out to be good till noon. It was 2 hours with a hills session for the first hour and threshold efforts for the 2nd hour .Found the last hour hard as the legs were pretty much hurting by then. I felt Irondog Molly's paw biting aptly demonstrated how I felt at the end .

Iron Dog Molly found the Wind Trainer Session Paw Biting

Saturday's Cross Fit Session

In the afternoon , I had a cross fit session which we did as a Team but it was again hard on the quads after the morning training session. I slept well that night accept for Molly seeing shadows in the garden at 1 am and had to let her out to investigate and bark at before she came back in satisfied . Up late on Sunday  with the intention of Mountain Biking at Kalamunda but opted for a trail ride by myself late morning . I did not avoid the rain though. It was nice and quiet for the most part .An hour into the ride I rode with another rider recovering from knee surgery . An experienced mountain biker I rode with him for the rest of the ride till he turned off to head home at Hovea and I rode back to Guildford. It was a good 45km ride and the legs were tired.

Training for the week
Bike: 4 hrs or 118km
MTB: 2.45hr or 45 km
Cross fit : 2 hrs
Running: 2.30 or 26kms
Total: 11.15 hrs