Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Weeks 8 to 12 Where have all the Training Days Gone

A long overdue summary of the past few weeks of training or lack of. 

What was supposed to be the preparation for IM Busselton Training descended into 2 weeks of not being able to do much and a further week of travel and a week of rain. But the lessons learnt in campaigns past is that it is early days and flexibility is key to great preparation.

It isn't great getting sick and thankfully I managed some cross fit and did not have a really bad dose of the flu. It was just enough to know it would not be good to aggravate the condition. The freezing temperatures in Perth in July did not help.

Hot and Humid Rides in Singapore

View from Mount Faber looking out to Sentosa

Breakfast at the Food court at Adam Road after a ride , Prata and Curry $2

 My Bike for the week in Singapore

The 3rd week of July was spent in Singapore and I did manage a number of runs and rides accumulating about 230km on the bike grinding out rides around the island with lots of traffic and heat and humidity so it was a good block even though I did not do any specific training rides.
The runs in the forest around Bukit Timah were oppressive for me and I was pretty much just slow .
Enjoying the Evening run by the Beach

Run with Molly Burns beach

The return to Perth meant for the last week trying to get back into a proper block of training. The rain ended that idea. I was not prepared to ride in wet weather having learnt how long it takes to recover from a fall was not worth the risk.  I did manage my crossfit sessions and a few runs which set me up in the past month for the base training starting in August.

Week 12

In the week of 28 July , I managed to get my Watt bike fitness testing which showed some improvement in my VO2 testing. The week was:

Monday : Run at Lunch 7km and in the evening Watt bike session 20km (45 minutes) and a short run of the bike of 3-4km

Tuesday : Run at Lunch 7.5km with intervals of 4x 1km @4.45 min per km .Evening 40minutes high cadence and 4 x hill repeats in Kings part and cool down for 38km and 1.5hr session

Wednesday : Run at Lunch 7km and a further run in the evening 7km slow and easy

Thursday : Skipped ride and did Cross fit in the evening.Hard session of 40 minutes repeating a series of exercises with 2 minutes rest for an hour session.

 Friday: In the morning I did a 1.5hrs on bike with warm up and cool down and 40 minutes at Threshold .Done at Birdwood in Nedlands alone. At lunch ran 7kms slow and easy

Saturday: A ride of 3 hours down to Fremantle and back  with a stop at Metrio for coffee with the Exceed Crew after their ride. In the evening Cross fit which was an hour of 9 exercises done to a maximum of 50 repeats .
Run between Mount Henry Bridge and Canning Bridge
Sunday : I ran 14km late morning at 6.30 pace and a further 5km in the evening with Molly all at about 6.30 pace.

The week:
Cross Fit  2 hrs
Run: 57 kms or 6 hrs
Bike: 171.5km or 6.45 hr