Saturday, May 24, 2014


The training has started .

Monday after the long run on Sunday was a rest day . Tuesday I ran at lunch time doing an interval session on the tread mill with 11 x 200m and a distance of 7km and in the evening a cross fit session comprising:

Tuesday's session

I rode to the session and then home so the legs had a good work out although riding home in the dark even with lights is a tricky proposition on Perth Roads.

Wednesday , my first pool session in quite a few months. I chose the right day. As I rode to the pool at 5.20am , it started to rain. I was wet and then had a 1 hour swim session. I managed to keep up but found I had lost a lot of swim fitness. Total swum 2.2km. At lunch time another 6km session on the tread mill and in the evening it was a Bike watt session with Peter Turnbull from CRT. 
A 45 minute session with a 16 minute warm up and then 5 x 15 sec @ 120 cadence and near maximum threshold then 1.45 minutes at 80-90 RPM between . Followed by 6 minute recovery and then 5 x 10secs @ maximum threshold and then 1.50 minutes at 80-90 RPM and then 3 minutes recovery.

Thursday , it was wet in the morning and gave riding a miss and only had my cross fit session and a chiropractic session trying to get the neck and left shoulder sorted out .

Friday , I ran after work .It was 11km and just 2-3 runners along the foreshore to UWA with a light drizzle .Then visited a friend at hospital and home. All the runs have been slow but steady .managed to do the 11km in about 1.06 hr.On Saturday with the wet weather I has a 2 hour wind trainer session watching the Ironman Championship and a hills climbing DVD so it was a hard session on the bike. In the afternoon it was cross fit with 50 minutes of weights and managed a PB for the snatch at 40kgs.

Sunday , I ran from home and did a slow 22.5km run to the city and back and in the evening ran with Molly for a further 5.5kms in the rain again.

Felt pretty tired from the run as the legs were heavy from Saturdays cross fit and ride but they felt OK the next day.Its only week 2 in a very long and slow build so I am happy to not push too hard at present. There is a lot to be said about building that discipline of getting into the routine . ( see Craig Alexander's Q & A at his recent camp in March )

Weight is now 77.5kgs
swim : 1 hr or 2.2 km
bike: 4.5hrs or 135km
run :  5.5 hrs or 52km
cross fit : 3 hrs

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