Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week 13 Double Paganoni

Just after 3 am for 3.30am ride start

2nd time round at Paganoni Road

Metrio Brunch after the morning's ride and run ....Compression stockings and baby were optional
The work out of the week is without doubt the Double Paganoni .Started by Rod and Alistair during their Kona training 2 years ago , it is a rite of passage at Exceed or just another lame brain excuse to do a tough training session. It is a 200km ride and an hour run all before 12 noon. The rest of the week was pretty tame by comparison.

Monday was back to a new start of training and a fairly big week of training.

I had a good work out on the thread mill doing 8kms with 4kms at threshold of 5min per km and the rest at slightly less or faster. In the evening I swam with the squad and we had a warmup of 700m with 200m kick and then 200m x 6 with 150 and then running out of the pool and back for 50metres and then sprinting 50  meters back .Then a cool down of 100meters and 200m kick for a total of 2.2km

Tuesday I slept in as I was tired and decided to just do a wind trainer session for 1.20 and managed about 45kms although I had a slow leak and had to pump the tire up . Just worked on the legs and movement and a 10 x 1minute hard pace and a few minutes of climbing and the rest just under threshold.In the evening it was cross fit .Another hard session .We had to do 22 burpee Pull Ups , 22 squats ( I had 30kgs )  and 200meters of walking with a plate held above the head I carried 15kgs .We did it 4 times and I finished in under 44minutes . This Workout of the Day (WOD)called Whalsh  is done in 27 minutes by the super fit cross fitters .

Wednesday, again was supposed to be a swim session but  I slept in .I did run a hard session at Lunch time with 9.5km doing 4 x 7mins at threshold and then in the evening another 7km  for a total of 16.5km. I could not swim in the evening as I had to be by the computer to register for the Busselton 70.3 .It was painless but these days all these races sell out quick. Damm YOU IRONMAN.

Thursday , Tired and with hay fever I skipped riding in the morning and just ran at lunch time 5.5 km relatively easy on the treadmill and then rode to cross fit and back home .The cross fit session was a good solid work out of 45 minutes called the Down UP DOWN UP

Friday made it to my morning swim eventually .Rode there as I had left the car at the office. It was a busy session with over 40 swimmers in 5 lanes. I had a long warm up with fins and then drills and some underwater swimming ( a total of 1100m ) The main set was 300m threshold , 200m medium and then 100m fast x 2 and then a 100m fast for a total of 1300 and then a cool down which was 100m for me. Total 2.5km .

In the evening it was an easy run with Molly for about 5km in the bush tracks nearby.

Saturday was the big Training Day .I wasn't sure if I was  up to a  long ride and run but decided I will have a go. It was an early bedtime and I was up at 2.30am and out the door before 3am . Got to Metrios (the owners kindly put on a special breakfast or lunch really as it is 12 noon ) where we would end the run and rode into the city to wait for the rest of the Exceed group riding. We all started at 3.30am with the hope I would be able to hang on to the stronger riders. It was an eerie silence riding at this time of night and unfortunately 15km into the ride I had a puncture.rather than holding back everyone I waved them through . There went my wheel suck crutch for 200kms.

 I changed the tire in silence at 4am and managed to get one canister and saving my only other canister for any other puncture. It felt soft though . On with the ride into the darkness and despite the freeway lighting it was dark .I had my really good lights which were 900 lumen and they did the job. At 4.30am I ran into  4 kids on the bike path  and then nothing for the next hour and half.  Saw the 2 groups of Exceed riders heading back before dawn and I got past Paganoni Road about 5.30am as it was getting  light. That was roughly the 60km mark.

Turned around and headed back to the city and just past the 100km mark I turned a round got some water and headed back to do it again. On the way back to Perth  I saw the Exceeders training for Mandurah 70.3  riding the freeway bike path and also the NCTC groups.That perked up the spirit a lot as it was getting pretty lonely out there after 3 hours. The ride back to Paganoni was just mental and fortunately the conditions were benign .I felt cold and there was a bit of drizzle but really little wind . The turn around was the best sight ever .

If you ride the Freeway bike path , it is just a long straight boring bit of bitumen .Nothing to look at and nothing to focus. I grabbed a quick picture on my Iphone and then started the ride back. It was 8.30am . I was hoping to be back by 10.30 so I had enough time for the run and to be at the Cafe by noon. The ride back was good.I had periods of fatigue and tiredness in the legs but the last 60kms seemed to fly .I had no nutrition issues but realized I had to have more carbohydrate in me as i took no gels just Infinite powder. It seems to work and I had no cramps as well. Time will tell if it works in hotter conditions.

The ride back was fast as I managed to ride with 2 other triathletes and they set a hard pace. I only stuck with them for 15kms before having a pee stop and getting more water.I had about 5-6 bidons and 10 scoops of infinite powder and lots of snakes and soft lollies so I think it would have been about 400 to 500 calories of energy as a guess .

Got to Metrio's with the traffic and changed into my Hokas and off on the run. I started quick for the first 2kms at 5.30pace and then slowed down a bit as it was just warm . I ran without water which probably was a mistake .By the time I got back I was feeling pretty dehydrated. Ran just over 10kms . I couldn't eat anything and just had drinks. I slept early that night to make up for the 4 hours sleep i had the previous night.

Cottesloe Nice and Calm

Sunday , I swam with Les . I was really slow but got in a 1.5km swim at Cottesloe.It was beautiful and flat. The best part was coffee and Raspberry and white chocolate muffins for breakfast.

Swim 2.5hrs or 6.2km
Run: 4.2 hrs or 45kms
Bike : 290km 0r 10 hrs
cross fit : 1.45hrs
total:18.45 hrs