Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 14 Here comes the Sun

Running Partner Molly with IM Brazil T-Shirt after getting wet

Ironman is all about preparation and practice and building systems to compete in the distance. It hasn't been the ideal preparation but I am feeling a lot better than a few weeks ago.Despite the illnesses , injury and just fatigue I have strung together more than a week of training  .I have on the positive side dropped a massive 8 kgs and trending down. I have and feel stronger on the bike and run. Not back to 2011and 2010 days but better. The swim is weak but I will just have to manage. the sun is out and it is a lot better training in the heat.

Monday Only a short easy run of 7km with Molly the dog .She did jump into the canal near the bush and had to have a bath and hence the IM Brazil T shirt after her bath.

Tuesday . no bike ride just had a bit of a cold and decided to run at lunch and another 7km with alternate threshold pace with medium pace .It was warm in the gym so I sweated buckets . In the evening a great cross fit session. 2 rounds of exercises that got the blood pumping. Did an hour .

No one did Walsh and opted for the alternative. I wonder why?

Wednesday: Great swim session in the morning . I did a 400m warm up and then we did 50free, 50 free, 50 back and 50 free and 50 breast x 2 and then  50 sculling and 50 free x 3 .The main set was 200m fast , 100m medium and 50 fast and 50 threshold x 2 and then we did 2 sprints of 50m and a cool down of 100m for a total of 2.5km.

At lunch I ran on the thread mill in the gym for 9.5km with 1km threshold efforts at 5min per km for 5 km and the rest at a lesser pace . As it was a warm day outside , even in the gym I sweated a fair bit. In the evening I did a wind trainer session for 50 minutes with 2 x 10minutes at threshold and the rest sub threshold for 30km and then ran with Molly for 5.5 km easy.

Thursday .Another day where I did not ride in the morning and opted to rest. I did do a thread mill session of 6km at lunch with just a build to threshold at 5min per km and then back to 6min per km . In the evening rode to cross fit and did about a 45 minute session. I was feeling tired and rode home after the session.

Friday . Did get up early and rode to swim training . Ross and his Yoda , David Simon were there. David will be giving a talk tomorrow to the Club on  
Going beyond what you thought you could achieve, come listen to David Simon, ridden for a Belgian Cycling Team, ran across the Saharra, successful business man, coach. Come find out the secrets of how YOU become successful in whatever you choose to do.
Swim session was the hardest I have done in a while . I had a 500m warm up and then 3 x 700m at mainly thres hol with the middle 700 at medium building to threshold and the last at threshold with the last 300 fast. Cool down was a 100m easy swim . total 2.7km .

At lunch time I ran an easy 5km on the thread mill with a build to threshold for 1km and then slowing down to a 10kph pace . In the evening an easy 5km run with Molly .

Saturday .Up relatively early  and out before 6am to the city and then the river loop with Exceed and then the Shelley loop and back into the city. I got dropped at Cottesloe , but I managed to keep a hard pace and jump on cycling groups riding round . I then towed a new club member Emma around Shelley and back into the city .Had coffee with the group before heading home the long way for a 95 km ride and ran with Molly off the bike for 4kms very easy .

Then a quick shower and food shopping before heading for the talk by David Simon. It was then a rush to cross fit. I was tired and thankfully it wasn't a very tough session , just a hard session .

Saturday's Cross Fit Session..THE NINE
Cottesloe On Sunday ...beach was closed 2 days earlier after a tiger shark was spotted 30 m from the beach?

Sunday; A swim at Cottesloe with Les at 7.30am . It was again a calm sea. Did about 1.7km and in the afternoon did a wind-trainer session for 50minutes.

Run: 49 km or 5 hrs
Bike : 200km or 7.2hrs
Swim: 2.5  hrs or  7km
cross fit :  2.8 hrs
Molly did a full half marathon in running this week 
Total:17.5 hrs