Friday, October 18, 2013

Week 12 A few hangups

Mundaring Weir Saturday Ride with NCTC

It was another mixed up week . I managed to run at Lunch time and did a solid 8km run and then did my swim session in the evening swimming 2.5km partly on my own with paddles and pull buoy and with the squad. Unfortunately later that evening had a throbbing pain in the right elbow and it began to swell. Got an infection probably from the grazes and skin I lost from a cross fit session 2 weeks earlier and the swimming may have also inflamed the joint .

Tuesday , I ended up doing a session in the evening at Kings park riding hill repeats and doing the circuit round Kings Park for an hour ( 28km) and then cross fit (evening)and running at lunch time on the threadmill .I did a quick 5.5km . It was a tiring day .

Tuesday Cross fit session
On Wednesday , again no swimming and on antibiotics for the arm and did a wind trainer session  ( with 10 x 1minute hard and a few minutes pedaling off the seat )in the evening for 50 minutes and ran off the bike and at lunch. On the thread mill I did a 7.5 km and after the bike session a 4km run with Molly easy.
Molly after her run I called the "2 paws in the Bucket run"

Thursday was again a busy day so just had a short run on the thread mill 6.5km.

Friday, no swimming , the arm was a little better but still with a swelling and tight . I had a  wind trainer session of an hour and ran with Molly for 4km and then a further 3km on my own.

She loves wind-trainer sessions?

Saturday's cross fit

Saturday , made it to the start of the NCTC hills ride .There were only 9 riders and an overcast sky. it was my usual route up the hills with a ride halfway down Kalamunda Road and then to Whelshpool road for the ride up and back into Piesse Brook and back again for a final climb up Mundaring weir Road into Kalamunda before riding back to Guildford. I started from home so it was another 24 kms to make it a 118km ride . Had a few cramps on the climb and I was the slowest  but glad I made it and felt good on the flats and downhills. It rained as expected so we got wet. One of the stronegr riders bonked at the end so I ended up staying with him till he had some of my jelly beans and was able to ride back to Guildford. Otherwise it was  a great morning out.For me it was close to 5 hours on the saddle.tried out my Infinite mix and it was concentrated but had no issues. I should have had a third bidon atleast for such a long ride though.

After a short Coffee break I cycled home and ran with Molly to the park and back running about 4.5km nice and slow. It again rained a bit and she got wet and muddy .She also met a dog , Bandit at the Park and had a good time playing with him.

In the afternoon despite the sore legs , I headed for crossfit and another good session of work outs.

Sunday , I did an hour run in the morning very easy and ran 10km and in the evening it was a windtrainer session of 50 minutes with some climbing and 1 minute hard efforts and some threshold efforts.

Swim 1hr and 2.5km
Run : 4.9hrs or 55km
cross fit : 1.5hrs
Bike: 7.75 hrs or 201 kms
Total: 15.15 hrs