Friday, October 18, 2013

Week 11

The week continued in Margaret River with Monday a long run in the Forest surrounding the Townsite and running on the rails to trails cycle route. It was wet and beautiful. I saw 3 runners at the beginning and nothing else but just nature and the stillness of a damp forest in the morning.There was little wind or sun and i used my Hokas which made for a very enjoyable run . I did not go hard and felt strong at the end despite not carrying any nutrition.I rode in the afternoon and managed about 48kms on caves road which was winding and undulating .No hard hills but just lots of small hills. The traffic was constant but the drivers were all careful. It was a nice spring day to be out enjoying the great wineries and landscape of the South- west.Then a slow run off the bike for 4kms

I took JJ for the usual sights including the Lighthouse and Simmos Ice-cream.

Tuesday, I did a short 8km run before leaving and in the afternoon I made it for Crossfit. It was a short but just as hard session.

Wednesday .I slept in so no swimming and ran in the afternoon doing 7.5km on the threadmill with 2 x 10minutes at threshold.

On Thursday , I ran at lunch doing 5.5km on the threadmill and then cycled to crossfit and was a hard session and did the whole hour and more with a warm up of 8 minutes of 20pull ups,  30 push ups , 40 crunches  and 50 squats.Then the main set which involved competing with someone else . there were 3 sets of 40 thrusters and 15 burpees , 40 deadlifts and 15 push ups and lastly 45 wall-balls . I rode home slowly as it was dark and I was just tired.

On Friday I rode to work and then ran 6.5km  on the threadmill and swam in the evening managing 2.4km straight out.

Saturday , was supposed to be a long ride but had hayfever and decided to just drop any training today. Sunday I did a nice slow long run to a friends palce and back for 16.6km.

the training is sporadic and have had far too many disruptions with illness and time issues ,work commitments and family commitments . Not as fast or strong but getting there . 

Total: 12.41hrs
Ride: 4.30 hrs or 100km
Swim: 1hr or 2.5km
Run:62 kms or 5.41hrs