Friday, October 11, 2013

Week 10 Hills and the South West

Caves Road , Margaret River

Rails to trails Run

Wine Tour on the Bike

The past week has been just trying to get back into a routine and building strength . After 2 weeks of illness getting back was never easy . reading the volume of work and training most triathletes are doing and in the weather we have had has been impressive and depressing. After last year , the body certainly has had a bit of a rebellion and the mind hasn't been too far behind. it just gets all too hard to put in the hours needed especially when I don't have the base I did have a few years back. But there is the rekindling of the passion but realistic expectations.

This has not been the best preparation but it is a start.  Monday , 30 September , still recovery and antibiotics. Tuesday , I ran on the treadmill just 7.5km  . It was hard with the lungs struggling and in the evening Cross fit. On Wednesday , I ran 7.5kms and swam in the evening 2.2km.We had a warm up and then a pyramid of distances starting at 100m to 300m with a medley after each distance and then back to 100 metres.

Thursday ,rode at Nedlands whilst everyone did a brick session .With the ride out and back covered 48kms.At lunch ran 5km on the threadmill and in the evening did another hard cross fit session.

Thursday's Cross fit session

Friday , Swam in the morning and did a massive 3km with an 800m warm up then a 200m, 400m , 1000m time trial , 400m and 200m before a cool down. I managed approximately a 21.25 minute time for my km effort .

At lunch , I ran 6 km on the threadmill and 4km in the evening with Molly .

Saturday it was back to the hills on a cold wet day . It was slow but I am glad I made it round the hills and survived. managed to finish 90kms and ran 3km with Molly and then coffee. I did have a few encounters on the road and posted a comment on my facebook as follows:

my rant for the morning . On the way up Kalamunda Road a guy ( I assume)in a white crappy car decides to intentionally rev his car right up against myself and another cyclist putting out lots of smoke and just coming within inches of the bikes. It was already a wet , foggy and overcast day . then on the way back at Guildford bridge I took 30 seconds to cross the one lane each way bridge and obviously cars bank up .An Evans air conditioning Ute gives me a real loud honking and again revs his engine as he passes .I fail to understand what he expected me to do ...don't use the road .I have interrupted his otherwise useless existence for all of 30 seconds and I am definitely not using them for any service. Otherwise was the usual wet foggy ride in the hills .A bit eerie in Pickering brook ,almost expect werewolf's and vampires to swoop down in that fog ...

 After the ride and run , I drove down to Margaret river for 4 days of riding and running . Whilst it wa stiring I managed a 20km ride on my MTB to prevelly beach and then ran a short 3.5km in the forest around the Townsite .

Sunday , I  was up early and rode down Caves Road for a 2 hour ride.There were lots of hills and despite the peaceful quiet and beautiful Karri forest , it was hard on the already tired legs. After the ride I had a short run of 5km in the magnificent trails which was the former rail line from Busselton to Augusta.The rest of the day was spent taking  Jonathan to the caves and sightseeing. The temperament of drivers on the roads was much better and I had no issues with any vehicles despite the narrow and winding roads .

Run : 4hrs or 40km
Swim: 5km or 2.10 hrs
Bike: 9hrs approx or 203kms
Cross fit: 1.45hrs
Total: approx 17hrs