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The Uber Coach

Often Seen at Cafes

Club Championships 2010
First of the series of interviews.

The Heart Of Exceed Tri Club . I first met Ross via Rob Parry after Ironman Japan 2008 . I  started training with the Exceed squad then . As many have found since ,  he isn't the soft and cuddly variety of coach , that's why HTFU is in the Exceed charter. But would you have it any other way ...probably not.

Full name:  Ross Pedlow

Age Group: 45-49

Brief backgound :Where you grew up and what you did before triathlon coaching ? 

Grew up in the Melbourne outer eastern suburb of Croydon. Sporting wise was an average to good runner and swimmer and only rode bikes to get over to friends houses and deliver newspapers. Like most males in Melbourne you played football in the cold and wet.

 When did you realize you’d been bitten by the triathlon bug?

After my first race which was an aquathon, then did a duathlon and finally triathlon. Aquathon was 25 years ago and had not done enough swim training ( i.e. none). 2 years later I was racing triathlons and have not stopped.

When did you decide to start coaching and how did that start up?

The idea of coaching was first put to me by my coach some 14 years ago, but I was not ready. The concept of Exceed started about 9 years ago but took a year before it actually started but was very basic and more of a swim with the odd bike session. 

Your Triathlon experience:

Lots of sprint, olympic, halfs, and duathlons with 4 Ironmans over 9 years, and just having fun without being to serious. 3 x 2nds Australian Champs with state titles along the way.

Tell us about the one or a few inspirational moments of your Triathlon career. Are there any standout moments or  memories or accomplishments you are most proud of either in racing or coaching? 

Racing my first 70.3 and my mates started a few minutes ahead of me. I caught one of my best mates 1 km out and we ran together and crossed the finish line together, and had a great laugh at the end. We were sponsored by a sunglass company so we had the same kit on and without knowing it we were photographed. It was found in a magazine, and it just showed the joy of racing triathlons.

What do you enjoy the most about our sport?

Friends, they are never lost they are just waiting to find you at the next race.

What is your favourite race and why?  

Was. Frankston Long Course, it was a 2-80 - 20 , great course hills, flats, great competition. Unfortunately it would be to expensive to put on now with road closures.

Who or what in Triathlon inspires you?

I know it sounds over the top but seeing  tri-newbies get bitten by the triathlon bug. They do a couple of races then it either gets in their blood or they leave. Once it enters their blood they change. They stand taller and look at the world differently.

Do you have a favourite workout and if you do what is it? 

Transition races. Love it and it always pays off on race day.

(bonus question)  What question did you hope that I’d ask you, but haven’t?  And what is the answer to that question

Who is your triathlon hero? Dave Scott ( The Man) He just embodies the sport, hard training, clean living, looking at the races differently, smart training.

What’s your favorite triathlon discipline to compete at? 
Now its sprint, but it used to be Olympic and 70.3
What’s something people might be surprised to find out about you? I go to the theater, and am a lot quieter than most people think.
When you are not training or competing, people can find you: 
Thats easy, at a cafe drinking coffee 
What’s one race you haven’t done yet that you like to do someday? 
Escape from Alcatraz, Definitely on the bucket list.
What is the single most difficult aspect of training for most triathletes starting out.
Learning that rest is as important as training, and with a less training is best mentally.  Just do it properly

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