Sunday, October 7, 2012

Getting back into the Swing

Sunday Morning Sorrento beach

This week started out with great weather and a public Holiday .

Exceed were swimming at Sorento at 8 am .I decided to do my run .Got out at 7am and it was hard.I did get warmed up and started a block of 40minutes at Marathon pace after the first 2 easy kilometres. It was hard going but managed to keep the pace at about 5.20 minutes per kilometre. I then had a 6 -8 minute break and did the second block of 40 minutes .The first 3kms were good but I then started to tire and struggle.main reason no fluids and carbohydrates.I was really struggling .Silly mistake to think I could do a 2 hours run without any energy or fluids. I managed to find a tap in the Park and struggled on but with no food after 1hr 20 minutes I just had to struggle and finish the run. I had two stops and then ran slowly back home.Did 20.5km in 2 hours.

Tuesday , I had 1.5 hrs hard at Nedlands. I was out there just after 5.30 which meant a 4.30 start  from home to the Office and then riding out to Nedlands.  Claire and Ruari were just starting out and overtook me and we did a lap before  the main Exceed group were starting out.I managed 4 and a bit laps in the 1.5 hours and rode for just over 2 hours. Definite improvement but still fair way behind from my 2010/11 fitness.  In the evening , I had run training and Ross was back . Good to have a coach back to talk to. I did a 3km warm up and then 2km , 2 x 1km at threshold and 4 x 400m fast.Cool down was a further 2.5km . That made for a long day and very tired legs.

Wednesday , up early again for swim training. 700m warm up and then 3 x600m at medium , sub threshold and medium. I tagged behind Glenda and managed the session .The left arm was still weak and makes for an awkward stroke. Finished off with 200m Cool down .Total 2700m.

In the evening , I had work so I did my bike session at Kings Park in the late afternoon . It was overcast and there was a slight drizzle. It was hill repeats for 1 hour with a warm up and cool down for a total of 1.12. A couple of cyclist were sprinting up the incline making my efforts look pretty weak. It was a relatively good location to do hill repeats with the whole city skyline as a view .One of the better work out locations .

Thursday: Another , early start , getting to the office and then riding out to Nedlands.It was a brick session. i started out before the main pack and I did a lap of Nedlands circuit and a 2km run followed by another circuit ( about 10km ) and then a 2km run. the second run leg was hard . My throat was tickling and I kept coughing to the point of dry retching which made running hard. it was a hard session .

In the evening , had a 50 minute easy slow run .My legs did not thank me.

Friday : I made it . Morning swim was a 500m warm up and then 300m threshold , 500m medium , 300m threshold , 500m medium and 300m threshold with a 300m cool down with 200m kick. A total of 2.7km.

Saturday : A late start at 6.10am and it was a little chilly and the wind was getting up a bit. I had my usual Hills ride of 5 hours . There were 2 groups of cyclist at the start and they passed me pretty quick till Darlington Road when I rode passed them as they waited for stragglers. The wind was pretty hard in the hills especially whilst trying to climb .I Did not see a cyclist again till Mundaring Weir Road . As I climbed up to Kalamunda I caught 3 cyclist a guy and 2 girls and managed to pass them , a first for me before they caught up just as we reached Kalamunda. I had a short stop at the petrol station and got a chocolate Bar , not exactly nutrition but just needed it. Then rode the loop at Pickering Brook before climbing Mundaring Weir Road again . Coming down from Kalamunda is always fun with cars whizzing by as I sped down at 60 kph. I had a tail wind on the home stretch and that helped. i ran off the bike for 35 minutes and it was hot .

Sunday was a rest day but I was meaning on doing a swim at Sorrento . With the rain decided to skip it .Did make it for Yoga though.