Monday, October 22, 2012

The Great Chocolate Bar

Race briefing in the Sun

Anabel Luxford after the race with me

It was a good weekend especially when I  won the official Great chocolate Bar.

Rob had booked a house for the weekend of the race which was just a few minutes from the start. We had 2 rooms so when there was a request to host a professional triathlete who needed  a bed at Mandurah ,  Rob volunteered. It turned out well as we got to chat with Anabel Luxford , a former ITU triathlete now stepping up to half Ironman racing.

The night before the race , Rob joked that the winner in the house would get the chocolate bar the owner had left on the table as a welcome to us.

Unfortunately , Rob was ill with a bug on the morning and couldn't race .Anabel got a puncture and pulled out .  I won by default .

Trizone piece on Annabel from 2011  ( Her website is down at present as it got hacked into)
Interview with Anabel Luxford

It was a better prize having the opportunity to spend some time talking about triathlons and racing with a very experienced triathlete. As we said in our sport the professionals are probably very approachable and welcoming and great fun to be with .That was a far better prize and reward for finishing the race.