Friday, October 19, 2012

Easy Week

Easy week is always a relief but isn't so easy.

I had a good rest on Sunday and so on Monday I had my usual sleep in.No swimming. I ran on the treadmill in the afternoon for 1.15 went back to finish off some work and then ran for a further 30 minutes to make my 1.45 session with 40 minutes at marathon pace. I ran a total of 18.5 km  with the 40 minutes at 5.23 about correct Marathon pace for me.

Tuesday.I had an easy ride round the river.I got to Nedlands a little late and had to ride round by myself .It was enjoyable and  at least there was no hard session.In the evening  I had interval running and did a 3km warm up and a  2 x 1km , 2 x 800m . 2 x 600 , 2 x 400m and 2 x 200m fast and the rest were  at about  threshold pace. Did a 3 km cool down for a total of 12km .

Wednesday morning , I just had a swim session with a total of 2.7km .We did a 800m , 700m and 600 session after the warm up and I only managed a 100 m cool down. Unfortunately after the swim i was rubbing my eyes and scratched my cornea , it mean no training for the next few days and a doctors visit and could not even do anything in the was pretty painful. I did manage an easy ride on Sunday to Cottesloe and that was the week gone.

It did allow me the luxury of resting and watching the lead up to the World Championships on Sunday morning .