Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pre Race Week : Mandurah 70.3

Monday . It starts with the best intentions but I never manage to start the week well.I skipped my swim and in the end with a busy day I only managed a run in the evening. It was slow and easy for 1hour covering just under 10km.

Tuesday ,always a big training day with a 90 minute all out session and riding to and from Nedlands. I started a few minutes late and there were Exceed cyclist out on the course. The rest started at six am and after the turn around in the circuit they passed me and I managed to jump on Julianna, Michelle ,  & Katy and just hung in there .I wasn't strong enough to take a turn but I managed to hang in there which several weeks ago was not possible. The legs were strangely feeling quite good (possibly as the previous day was not as taxing) They were going hard for 30 minutes and then they slowed so I continued on and got passed again on my 3rd lap and again I stuck to them till they finished and I went on for a further 10 minutes to finish my 90 minute session.

In the evening we gathered at Yokine park for the run training .Ross had the session on grass much harder . Did a 3km warm up then some exercises and the set was 2km at threshold , 2 x 1km at threshold and 5 x 400m at threshold with a minutes rest and 30 Sec rest for the 400m set.Finished with a cool down of over 2km for a total of 12km.

On Wednesday , I was tired but got to swim practice and had a fairly light session.We did a 500m warm up and then 6 x 250m at threshold , threshold and medium pace.Finished the session with a 300m cool down .

I was going to ride on Wednesday evening even though it was not on the programme but at Kings Park as I was riding , my front derailleur bent and broke my chain. That ended the session and the bike is at the work shop getting fixed .The bike mechanic at the Specialized Store in the city couldn't understand how it could happen. I was having some problem on Tuesday morning and the gear wasn't as smooth so possibly it may be the alignment and I should have had it serviced sooner. I think it will be an expensive lesson  but better now than on race day and so I will have to use my training bike for Sunday's race.
Thursday is always a tough day with training. I was up early at 4.30 am and it was a 2 hour session with 90 minutes of 10 minute threshold efforts and 5 minute recovery x 6. The rest of the group not doing IM were there at 6 am for a brick session. I felt good and the legs were not too sore. It was then breakfast in the city.In the afternoon I did a 1 hour treadmill session and then a few hours later ( I split my long run as I just did not have the time to do the whole session) I ran the further hour with a 40 minute set at marathon pace .

That was a hard session with 40 minutes for each hour at Marathon pace. Managed just under 21 km but the legs were again holding up. I did fall asleep at 9.30 pm .Just too tired after 4 hours of training

Friday .Managed to get to swimming and did a good session of 500m warm up 200 m medley and the 13 x 100 m at various paces with 200 easy after the first 800m.Cool down was just 200m .Total 2.4km .the rest of the day was just work and no training this evening .

I was supposed to do a  6 hour ride tomorrow but as I am doing Mandurah 70.3 on Sunday I was spared the Saturday training session. Thanks Ross .Unlike other coaching programmes , this doesn't set out to kill you .

Heading to Mandurah for the race tomorrow .