Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back In the Saddle...Just

My first week back training after 2 weeks of the Flu and all sorts of gastro issues. It was hard but good to be back.

Monday saw me running in the rain.It was an easy run and I did about 9.5km in the hour so it was slow. I found breathing hard with my lungs having had a bit of a work out with the flu and just feeling really tired . Swim session in the evening was really just trying to keep up in lane 1. I had a warm up of 500m and then did 14 x 100m at different paces.towards the end I was cramping abit. i swam with a pull-buoy just to rest the legs . Cool down was a200m slow swim and that was me for the night.2.1 km

Tueasday I was up early and thank fully no rain .It wasn't too cold and I did a 45 m ride before meeting the group and doing 5km efforts x 4 with a cruise between efforts. Rode back into the city to make that a 2.10 session. Got dropped at every turn .It is a long road back to fitness.

In the evening did my run intervals .had a 2km warm up and then 400, 600, 800, 1km ,800m, 600m ,and 400m run at threshold pace of about 5min/km.I managed to hold the pace and did not feel too bad but the legs were feeling it after the ride . did the cool down with the newest member of the squad , Leila , another lawyer training for the Mandurah Half. in October. It did drizzle a bit towards the end so I haven't had a dry run yet.

Wednesday turned out to be a rest day as I was just tired and wimped out on the swim and wind trainer session.So it is moved to Sunday.

It did a world of good as I felt a lot better on Thursday .it was a cold dark morning change .I rode out to Nedlands and we did a brick session with the first ride being easy and then the remaining 3 sessions hard. It was a 4km bike and 1 km run ...not long but it really knocked the stuffing out of me. I was last in the group and got lapped by the front group but not too bad when there were 2 age group champions and a pro(well part -time at least) and I was still huffing my way through the cold and recovering from the flu. The legs were smashed and they just hurt the rest of the day , just shows how unfit I had become. In the evening , it was a 13km run 9easy) up to Kings Park and to the University of WA and then back through the cyclepath by the river.It was pretty dark running along the Park. Did that in 1.27 with stops at the traffic lights.

Ross keeps saying its getting lighter in the morning and its not as dark in the evenings but I find it pretty dark still.

I was in bed by ten and i don't remember a thing till I got up at 5am .The first time I had an unbroken nights sleep .i usually will be up at different times and watching the Olympics. I was so tired I just fell asleep.

Friday.I got up and made it to the swim session .Another first in recent weeks . It was a good session.i felt better and although the left arm is still weak I held the stroke and managed the session.I am still favouring breathing on the left as my right dominant arm feels so much better outstretched when I turn to the left for a breath.

Did a 100m free and then 3 x 200m with 150 free and 50 backstroke and then another 100m followed by the main set which was 3 x 600m made up of 100easy with PB , 400 threshold and 100easy and then I only managed a 100m cool down. I was at the back of the pack but kept up and was only 200m behind the front swimmers.It was a 2.7km session.

That's where the week's training ended .On Friday i started to have a sore throat and had a head cold and flu symptoms on Saturday morning .That put an end to the hills ride with Bryce. I stayed in bed the rest of the day and at home on Sunday with a cold but feeling better by Sunday. It was a wet rainy day and reflected how I felt. I have not had a good start.

Hoping that is the end of the issues for training .