Saturday, August 25, 2012

Getting back into the Groove

The View running in Kings Park on Thursday Night

Training again and Monday was a easy run of 50 minutes and a swim session .I managed the main set and a warm up but called it a day .Did a 1000m warm up with some back stroke and then 8 x 150m at threshold and using a PB .Managed to keep up with everyone but just.

On Tuesday, it rained in the morning and I was not going out into the wet after my Flu . But i did run in the evening and did a 2km warm up and then 8 x 600m building to threshold pace.Cool down was another 2.5km .it was dark and wet and very lonely as i started late .it also got windy and was hard running at time s with the wind. Did not enjoy the session at all.

Wednesday , I got up . A big plus for me and did the morning swim session. Warm up was 400m and then did 10 x 200 m and a 200m cool down for a 2.6km session. Felt good. in the evening it was a wind trainer session with a warm up and 5minuts x 10 with a heavy gear at 80rpm.I skipped the cool down .it was the usual sweaty session whilst watching 2 episodes of the Good Wife .

Thursday is always a hard session.i had the morning brick session.I did a 30 minute easy bike ride to Nedlands and a bit of the loop and then met everyone at the car park and did 40 minutes at threshold the last 10 hard. I was pretty much at the back and then ran for 20 minutes .

Had breakfast at Zekka which is sadly closing and we will be looking for a new breakfast hang out on Thursday.

In the evening I headed for my 15km run .I ran up to Kings park and whilst in the Park ran into Gaye McKean , who had just done IM France. it was a good run , slow and steady but no  injuries and it was a hilly course . It took me 1.40 to do the run and it was quite a nice evening.It was cool and the lights reflecting of the river and the city lights made it magical .As I headed for the Park entrance there was a line up of stretch limousines ferrying the High school kids in their best for the prerequisite photo op at Kings Park before the Ball. Had to weave my way through the crowd. The city of Perth is so different at night and you feel and see so much more in the dark  of night just a kilometer from a city and its lights. It was a little harder running in the dark and the undulating paths .Made it back to the office in the city.

Friday was swimming and again I did the morning session. It was a 900m warm up .I didn't quite do the set drills.Just freestyle for 400m and then a 50m backstroke and then a 200 free with a 50 back .Then drills were 50 finger drag , 50 point and 50 free x 4 but managed only 3 sets before doing the main set which was 100 free, 100 medley , 200 free ,100 medley , 300 free , 100medley , 200 free , 100 medley 100 free and 100 medley. it was seven so did not have a cool down.But managed 2600m.

Picture from Flickr on Clenton Road  in Death Valley at the accident scene where  Peter Brock , racing legend lost control of his car. .Rode past the site this morning.

Saturday was another Hills ride with Bryce.we started of at 6am and decided to ride death Valley , known by its name for the simple fact you cannot get mobile transmission in the Valley . It was a beautiful Perth morning .The climb up Red Hill was slow and Bryce motored ahead. We re grouped at O'Brien Road the start of a 40 km loop .there was little traffic and we only saw a group of cyclist as we exited from Reserve was then a quick ride back Home. It was 100km in just over 4 hours .a slow ride but a little more climbing with 1250m .

in the arvo it was a slow run for an hour.the legs were definitely feeling it . I fell asleep watching TV in the afternoon as well.But it was a good week just tapping out the sessions.