Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Trying Hard

Greatest Sports Pep Talk Ever

It is 6 weeks into my program although I have missed 3 with the flu . I did manage a 4 hour Hill ride on Saturday and a 2.5 hr ride  on Sunday with my mate Tim doing hill repeats in Kings Park .

It has been a struggle getting back into training but I think I am over the worst of the flu. I had a bad cough and just coughed my lungs out for a week. Since the fall I have De-conditioned a lot and have been very vulnerable to various bugs in the community.I think it is a combination of the body just not feeling well and mentally struggling with training.

Like Life there is a cycle in training and I think I just have to weather the down side of this cycle but find the enjoyment in training again .It has been very trying and the motivation has been hard.

It is times like these I could use a Pep Talk . A reminder of what is so good about starting a 16 or 20 week program for one event .What is the Goal ? Motivation is a funny thing. If you are a back of the pack triathlete , it has to be  the really intangible outcomes only significant to you. It makes it difficult striving for an event so far ahead . It is more difficult in Winter with the added stresses of work .

Its times like these it helps to have a bit of support and external motivation.

Someone to give me a pep talk . to say , it happens to all of us.We are not machines and it is OK to have an off day , an off week . even an off year.What counts is can you bounce back. Find a way out of the hole. Like everything , there is a solution , it is whether it is within us to find the motivation to just get on with it or getting some support to get out of the rut.

After the rides on the weekend , I was tired and I knew it was one of my slower rides but  I was glad I had got out into the hills , dreading the climbs , but getting home strong and feeling I accomplished a very small step in trying to get back to being fit and motivated.