Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Aging Athlete

What a difference a Year makes.This time last year I was running the City to Surf and did a PB without much training.

A year later I am slowly trying to recover from a crash and just general De-conditioning.I had a rest day and I was really pretty tired last night I was asleep in minutes and did not wake till 7am .I decided not to ride which was the intention to make up for Tuesday's session but did ride to Bayswater waves in the mountain bike and did a Pump class, my first in a few years . It was fun but my poor left shoulder did hurt and showed up how weak the left arm is. I was using 2.5kg weights and it was hard .With the triceps and general arm work I could only manage a 1.25kg weight on my left arm.

But it was a satisfying week for the fact I finished it with no injuries and illness and I managed all my sessions bar the Tuesday cycle (because of the weather and my fear of getting sick again).

Lesson learnt , is simply as Ross says to tap out the sessions.not worrying about performance and the data too much at present.

For the week:
Cycle : 7 hrs or 175km
Run: 4.30 hrs or 45km
Swim: 3 hrs or 7.3km
Core work : 1hour

total: 15.30

Read Joe Friels blog piece on the aging athlete and whilst there is so much truth in what he says following the advice will take time to change the habits formed over years  , particularly in relation to nutrition and sleep. The Aging Athlete 

This is reflected somewhat in another piece in called Six common mistakes triathletes make

For the moment , it is just trying to build a good base .