Sunday, July 8, 2012

Week One IM Training

Perth City From Zig-Zag Hill...On the way home
Breakfast at Le Croissant Kalamunda

All journeys begin with the first weekend was filled with 2 big rides with the Hills session on Sunday really hurting the legs.

Monday morning was the first day of my programme with a swim session.It was cold but fortunately the water was great.

I had a 400m free warm up and then 5 x 400m made up of 100m threshold , 100 medley , 100m threshold  and 100m easy .
The 100m kick as a cool down a total of 2.5km I was tired. In the evening it was an easy 30 minute run and I did 5km.

Tuesday I was up early and it was the first "Hour of Power session"I rode out to Nedlands and did a few hill repeats as I got there early. We then got put into groups by the Don (Rosco) . I was with Claudia , Sarah , Ross and a new guy to the group. I was struggling from the first lap to take my turn in the front .I got dropped on the way back and then turned early thinking the group will overtake me .But I managed to be in front for most of the second lap before they passed me and again I hung in there but in the last lap I got dropped at the end.I just did not have the legs to take a turn in the front. I was categorically the weakest rider in the squad today. The weekend of riding  ( a total of 175km) and Tuesday's session truly turned my legs to jelly. They were hurting lots.

So much that I could not do the run session on Tuesday evening. i will have to move it.

On Wednesday , my legs were just dead....dead tired.I wanted to swim in the morning but ended up; swimming in the evening.
had 300m warm up freestyle , drills for 600m  and then  the main set was 6 x 100m with 100 fast and 100 easy alternating followed by 6 x 50m alternating between fast and  easy and then a 300 m cool down for a total of 2200m.

Thursday , I had to get up early as I rode to Nedlands and then did 4 x 10m at threshold with a 5 minute recovery after each set.Rode back to Zekkas for breakfast and work.Did a total of 53 kms.

In the evening I rang home with a detour up the cycle path along Reid Hwy and then back to my house a total of 14.84 km.It was a slow and cold run but a start.

Friday was suppose to be a swim but the sore legs meant I skipped swimming in the morning and i was going to do it in the evening but it was raining and just decided to skip the swim.

Saturday , up early for the group ride in the hills.I rode down to the city .It was not as cold as the previous week. There was a good turn out of about 20 and we made our way down Albany Hwy to Whelshpool road for the start of the climb up to Kalamunda. I got dropped immediately as the climb started.I made my way up to Canning Road and then followed the road round to Pickering Brook and did the loop back to Kalamunda but not before taking a wrong turn and having to detour back after hitting a dead end. It was hilly and a good ride. As the main group headed back to the city , I went to have breakfast at Le croissant at Kalamunda and then rode home .A total of about 90km.

That was the end of the first week. Not too bad .Just needed to be more focused .