Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Training Starts

At Tiger Lil's after the ride

Rod Marton heading for Kona Again

Got back on my bike after one false start a few weeks back . Haven't been doing anything for 2 months .It was very cold and hard. The 6.30 am ride from the Narrows was an easy ride with threshold pace towards the end. I made it to Leightons Beach about 12 km into the ride and got dropped. I wasn't about to try and chase the group and blow up on the first ride. I managed the circuit round the river and back thru Curtin and Canning Hwy in over 2 hours .Terribly slow but it is a start.

The club is slowly regrouping after everyone has had a break. I felt pretty cold thru the ride . It was really cold when I started out at 5.45 am and it never got much better.

After breakfast I rode home , making it about an 87 km ride. Then had Yoga in the afternoon .

On Sunday , I felt colder but I promised I would ride with my mate Tim and friends. It turned out to be 3 of us.It was 3 Degrees centigrade .I was cold with even 2 layers on . It was a ride into the hills . But this was off my Saturday session. The legs felt fine but I wasn't sure I would be able to climb. It turned out to be OK but very slow. However it was a clear bright day and well worth being out on the bike. I did struggle a little on the final climb into Kalamunda Town .I cramped as I got off my bike ... a clear indication my muscles were just not used to this amount of effort. The shoulder was bearing up OK. It was sore when I got home though. Tim was miles ahead of myself and Eric the other rider and he came back down each climb to ride with Eric.  It was a slow ride but I know where I am starting from.