Sunday, July 15, 2012

Week 2

"I must be willing to give up what I am so that I may become what I will be"
...Albert Einstein

Sunday Ride
Getting up in the morning is still difficult especially when my shoulder just aches.I slept in only to make it up in the evening with the  swim session after a 30  minute easy run. It wasn't bad as I still had fresh legs.

I am still slow but beginning to feel a little better in the water. With warm up and cool down and the main set I ended swimming about 2.2km

Tuesday turned out to be a wet morning and I was one of the Exceed triathletes that opted to stay in bed rather than the nine who actually did a bike session in the rain. Still fearful of wet roads and another fall.I did venture out in the afternoon for my run session. It was a 2km warm up and 15 x 400m at below threshold , above and at threshold. It was all the same for me and a little slow .That word is becoming a familiar description of all my activities but I have to start somewhere. It was a constant drizzle and a little lightning around so it was not a fun run along the river.

Wednesday was an easy day and I was suppose to be swimming.gave that a miss and did a wind trainer session in the evening.that was really hard from a mental viewpoint but i knew it was good for me.

Thursday again i did my long run but skipped the bike training. I ran 15km really easy and it felt a lot better than the previous week but still really slow at 6.30 minutes per km pace.

Friday , I swam in the evening doing a 2.5km session with 10 x 200m as the main set. Survived the session but the left shoulder was feeling it.

Saturday , I did manage to get up and get out to the start of the bike ride. It was cold and again there was a fast group and then everyone else . The second group was so fast that at Nedlands I got dropped. I was on my own for the River and Shelly loop. I felt better than the previous river ride . I got to Shelley and followed some cyclist and did end up on a longer route with a detour back to the city. But I was at least putting in the mileage for now.

In the afternoon , I had a relaxing Yoga session and that helped  stretch some of the tired muscles.

Sunday was a rest day but I had a make up ride with Tim B and I rode trying to keep my cadence as high as I could.It was hard but I am sure it will help me get my riding fitness back.

It is slowly coming along but it has been hard getting back into training especially in the morning. I have definitely regressed significantly with my fitness levels and so , the challenge is to be able to build on what is a very low starting point.

The aim next week is to keep to the programe and to get to the morning sessions. It is  cold and I am not aiming for a podium finish or a Kona slot , like thousands it is it about a challenge and meeting it head on . The mantra next week is just about getting to the sessions despite all the pressures we confront  each day . It isn't helped by the Tour De France at the moment and the late nights.