Sunday, July 22, 2012

Back To Easy week

From Dash Photography facebook Page Marathon Club run on Sunday morning
Tim at the Cafe after the ride

It is Easy week but getting up in this cold weather has been hard.

This week I started off the week with just a 30 min run choosing to miss swim training.The mind is still weak.Tuesday was bearable with an easy ride round the river on a small chain ring in high cadence. Did just 40 km .In the evening we gathered at Yokine for a run session with a 3 and 5km time trial.I did not record my 3km time but did the 5km in 23m 42 sec.Not my fastest but a clear indication of where I am. It was all up about 9-10km of running.It was dark and cold again.

Wednesday , I got to my first swim session in the morning.It was 2C but the water was warm. Managed 200m Free for a warm up and then some drills and 4 x 300m sessions with a medley , backstroke and breaststroke thrown in. Did 2.2km .

Thursday was a morning ride but with the temperature 1C I decided to stay in bed. I did run in the evening and it was still cold and pretty dark .I was pleased with the run as I was a little quicker without too much more effort and it was still hard running in the dark. 15 km in the cold evening night.

Friday I did a swim session in the evening .Managed the 15 minute warm up with 700m and then 300-400m of drills (lost count) .The main set was 100m x 11 with the first set being medium , threshold , fast , easy , medley and threshold  repeated .Cool down was a straight 300m swim. Managed 2.4km

Saturday , I skipped the ride and rode on  Sunday with Tim and chose to do Hill repeats in Kings Park .It was a beautiful Sunday morning .We rode round Burswood as the WA Marathon club were staring their Sunday Gold Coin donation run around Burswood. It was a beautiful Perth Sunday and and I struggled on the hills but kept my cadence up on the small chain ring on the flats. I struggled to keep up with Tim on the climbs as he came back down to push me and look at all the pretty runners running along in Kings Park.We had coffee at Subiaco before riding back. I rode to Northbridge for early Yum Cha Brunch and then a walk around the WA Museum .

It was an easy week and I skipped a swim session and a ride session.The positive was I am feeling better on the bike and run.A small step back to fitness.