Monday, July 23, 2012

Life and Triathlon

In the midst of Winter and the dark mornings it is difficult to understand or appreciate the disciplined systematic training some put in .I am struggling with the morning sessions and the cold and my really big slide from fitness .But there is some light cracking through.

Today , I stumbled onto a few good and well written articles on triathlon and rules to live by . I also saw an interesting interview of John O'Çonnell, inducted into the WAFL(West Australian Football league) Hall of Fame this year.What he said was Sports and its rules was a great way to live one's life by.

A similar comprehensive piece was written by Susan Dupont , a teacher and triathlete , who wrote 20 Rules of Life and Triathlon which just reminded me why we get up each day and have a go. Today was particularly such a day. I made the effort and it turned out to be a beautiful Sunday Morning, despite the huffing and puffing in Kings Park as I climbed the hill several times.

20 Rules of Life and Triathlon by Susan Dupont

It summarises my feelings and this Blog. Susan writes all I know about Life I learnt from Triathlon.I would say that is true about most sports. It teaches us about life and it prepares us for life. All sports have rules and Life is about rules to live by.It is about goals and discipline , learning to love and  enjoy , working withing boundaries , balance , and  most of all about Giving it a Go.

Whilst her rules are specific to triathlon, there is wider meaning.

Her rules :
1.  Embrace your inner child.
2.  Never, ever cheat.
3.  Don’t get rubbed the wrong way.
4.  Narcissism is a deadly vice.
6.  There will always be someone who can and will beat you.
7.  Find a support team.
8.  The journey is far more important than the destination.
9.  Hills are tough to climb at the time, but what a great view when you reach the top.
10.  Anything can become addictive and unhealthy.
11.  Appreciate sunrises and sunsets.
12.  Stall falls will happen.
13.  Thank volunteers.
14.  Practice makes perfect…and permanent.
15.  The human body is capable of doing more than you think.
16.  You will fail on occasion; learn from those mistakes
17.  Find heroes.
18.  Find and seek balance.
19.  Set realistic goals.
20.  Just TRI!

It summarises what I have enjoyed about the Sport. Most of all we need to embrace life , all it throws at us , good and bad .I am thankful for the ability to be out pounding the pavement and whilst I have my moods and periods of just feeling overwhelmed , I am grateful for each day. I get to enjoy the feeling of knowing what it is like to be cresting that  hill climb , that feeling of gasping for air and painful muscles full of lactic acid. Without that I don't appreciate the life I have  .It is the near misses , the falls and the injuries ,which are all part of life .We can hide away and never live or try and dust ourselves when we fall  and keep at it.

I would rather not have fallen and injured myself but I can also just keep moving and building on all the good moments.