Sunday, July 29, 2012

Managing Failure

Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.

Winston Churchill 

The week turned out to be a non event as far as training went. I did a good solid ride on Sunday morning with Tim and then a wind trainer session on Sunday evening. On Monday I ran in the evening and again did my interval session in the evening .I was having a hard time breathing and had the onset of mild flu symptoms but the run turned out to be very difficulty with me spluttering and coughing in the cold air . After that session it was no activity for the next 5 days as I just had to recover from the mild symptoms and I did not want to exacerbate it any further.

Mid week I attended a seminar and one of the speakers referred to the quote from Winston Churchill. Managing success is relatively easy. Managing failure is a lot harder . In the world of business , public speaking and advocacy , there is the skill of managing . Getting up from a disastrous campaign , takes courage .It takes fortitude. I understand more in endurance , those who are fast and talented have the enthusiasm to train as they are withing clutching distance of a win or a podium finish. ( taking nothing away from the few who have the mental fortitude and talent to win)The guys bringing the rear up have no such illusions and yet they push themselves and finish .But more commendable , they are back training for the next race.

How would you feel , training for the next race with no chance of a top 10 finish?

It is easy to strive for success , it is so different to lose none of the enthusiasm for something other than the satisfaction of finishing.

With 2 weeks of the Olympics before me , there will be more stories of sportsmanship , possibly drug cheats and hopefully stories of those sportsman and women striving to push the boundaries of human endeavour on the sports field. As the IOC President stated in his address at the Opening Ceremony :
These Games bring many hopes. Hope for harmony and peace between the 204 National Olympic Committees. Hope to see the young generations inspired by the values of sport. Hope that these Games continue to promote sustainable development.

Dear Athletes, make us dream.

Jacques Rogge speech at London Olympics opening ceremony

The sentiment is right but there is no escaping the fact that the Olympic movement has been hijacked by big business and its values. Hopefully the Athletes will still make us dream