Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week 16 ... Done and Dusted

Tony at the end of the Swim at Coogee Beach

Coogee Life Guards

The weekend turned out to be great weather wise. I had my last longish ride down the freeway. I drove down to the Narrows Bridge and rode for 40 minutes before I met up with Jason and Jamie and 2 other exceed riders and followed them down the freeway .They rode for just over an hour before turning back . I initially just drafted behind them and then as we got into the ride I began to practice keeping a 12 metre gap. It was hard .

My Garmin died at the 45km mark and after they stopped I continued for a further 30 minutes before turning round . I did not get attacked by the magpie . I rode by myself for a further 40 minutes before I got passed by a rider and again tried to stay on his wheel but couldn't till I passed a cyclist in Running Centre gear and he eventually passed me and I just tried to keep at their pace . They eventually dropped me just 6km from Mt Henry Bridge.

I rode back trying to keep the pace steady. there was a bit of wind going down but the return journey was fairly easy. I averaged 32kph on my cycle computer . I did 117km in 3.38 . It was a quick change and a run along the river to UWA ( University) and back about 6km in 35 minutes. saw a couple of cyclist I knew as I was running back

I had time for a coffee at Tiger Lil's but I really just had a lemon juice as I  was just so thirsty. I then went to Tony's to change and got to my massage appointment at Running Centre.  The massage felt really good if not a bit painful . But the legs were feeling pretty good. I was not in much discomfort and the massage definitely helped after the workout.

On Sunday , I just did my open water swim at Coogee with Tony , Les and Hanna. We swam between the jetties and I think it is 3 kms in just under an hour. I had lots of issues with my goggles and I kept stopping but the swim back was a lot better and felt really comfortable with no stops.

I skipped my Thursday ride and Monday run but with the legs hurting I was conscious not to make things worse . I think it was the right decision .On Saturday I  felt very comfortable on the bike and not tired at all. It is always hard having to decide whether to miss a session.

With 2 weeks to go , it is just a question of keeping safe and turning the legs and keeping up with some fast and short sessions. it will be a very interesting race for me with my first race without a proper programme from a coach .

Total training:
Run: 36 km or  3.50hr
Bike: 5.38 hrs or 177km
swim: 8.5km or 3.10
Total: 12.38 hrs