Sunday, November 13, 2011

Newbies Information Evening

At the Information afternoon , Sorrento Surf Club 13 November 2011 Pic by Dennis Tan

Today , North Coast had its New members Evening.  I said a few words about my experience in triathlon. As a Tri junkie and I can now spot one as  I am unashamedly  one myself  , I have tried to convert the uninitiated and the unsuspecting .

No matter what , those who join and participate in the sport  change not only their physical appearance but their whole outlook to life. It is a life changer. I believe ,  with the training and the social aspect of the sport , I have grown more in self belief of what is possible. I am surrounded by a positive can do attitude . I have seen and been part of great stories of perseverance and individuals setting and finishing goals they could only dream of.

I hope my little talk imbued some of the passion I feel for the sport. It isn't about the distances or time spent ....more so about the discipline , camaraderie and support in the tri family.

As I recounted my story which like many before and after me , is a similar one of faltering steps to learn how to swim and cycle properly , lots of falls and panic attacks along the way. But if you pick yourself up and keep at it , eventually  you will succeed.

I did not in the short talk acknowledge the advice and support from the more senior members of the club who would guide and advise the newbies. They were an invaluable part of my tri journey and for which I am always grateful. I hope the new members  took away  from the talk , the uniqueness of the sport and that more than just an activity it is very much a lifestyle.

Each day despite the soreness and the self doubt and the early morning sesions , I am thankful , I am healthy , and I get to see another beautiful sunrise. Sometimes the soreness and pain and even injury and illness are markers of  how much more we have to appreciate.

Today I learnt I am surrounded by more like minded fellow triathletes . I have a common bond with many who swim , bike and run . I have a larger family of friends . I joked that all the sayings about triathletes are true..I have a different wardrobe mainly tri gear and T-shirts and my car is filled with 3 bags for different training sessions and my bike on some days, I spend more time on my bike than with my wife. ...the list goes on.

But in the final analysis , despite all that is difficult , what triathlon teaches  is with belief all is possible. A small example is the story about   Trish Dowling , a paraplegic who did an ironman race, which I came across on Dennis Tan's face book page .Dennis is doing his first Ironman and he said today despite the training he could not help smiling. Dennis also put up a really good piece about being ready for an Ironman . Here is a similar version Am I ready .

At the bottom of Trish Dowling's webpage is a very apt line.... "Are you winning your Human Race"