Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Change the world

Last weeks training flat lined with a head cold and just a flat attitude. It had been a good rest and I have refocused .It is the constant theme this time round , motivation but I am comfortable with the work done. It has been about right and kept me sane.

A Brief summary of last weeks training before I succumbed to my head cold and coughing fits.
In the morning it was back in the pool .Did a 500m warm up with fins and then drills for another 800m and then the main set was 3 x 200m firm , 100medium and 100 firm .Cool down I did a 100 free , 100m kick and 100m free .Total was 2.8km

In the evening I ran with the Running centre although I started out with the slow group and ran by myself before I was overtaken by the fast group at the 5km mark. I continued running through the University and then back via the river pathway. it started to rain about four kilometres from the end .Another wet training run . managed 13km in about 1.10 .A little .

Thursday: I struggled to get out of bed and kept trying to get a few more minutes in bed  .Eventually got out of bed and out of the house. It was a river loop and did just over 50km .Then to coffee and a breakfast tart .Rode home making it about 68 kms

I have since learnt that all the coughing was just my asthma playing up with the high pollen count and my training rate increasing especially the running and the lack of taking my Ventolin medication.

It was pretty bad and  I was coughing in run training and struggling to keep up the pace.

On Monday this week it came to a head when I ran at lunch time I had another attack and just could not stop coughing. I finished the run but I was really tight around the chest . I started to take my Ventolin and it made a difference .I ran again in the evening and did about 22 km altogether.I did get pretty wet in the evening with the rain coming down at the 4km mark .

Tuesday was a good day with the weather holding in the morning. i did a 2 hour session with about 1.20 at hard pace. I rode mainly on my own and the wind was really hard. I managed to keep a good pace and averaged about 31kph with the ride back to the city. I Did ride with the exceed group for 1 lap and then jumped onto one of the faster exceed groups but could not stay with them . In the end I just rode on my own and finished the session still feeling good. I could have gone harder but I think it was about right. Managed about 60kms.

In the evening it was run training with Brad Hosking. It rained again. We did a 1km easy warm up and then 2km comfy run before starting 3 x 12 minutes at threshold pace which was 4.38 minutes per km for me. This was followed by a 2minute comfy run for recovery between each run. I ran about 12.5km Not as much coughing.Legs are pretty tired after Tuesday's double session.

The next 2 weeks are the last 2 hard weeks so I will just have to put in the effort.