Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Final Countdown and all things Tri

A Quitter never wins and a Winner never quits - Napoleon Hill


Coach Brad Hoskings (Centre Standing) Tuesday run session

The last Saturday Ride before Busselton. It is now 7 days before the race. Not a lot to do. I rode with the Exceed group and it was a 2 hour ride with some efforts a long the way. A cyclist joined us at some point near Cottesloe. We rode and did our first effort along Cottesloe and Leighton's beach. The next was along Point Walter road and 3 of us surged ahead of the rest of the group. Did not see the group till the coffee shop.

At Bicton , a group of cyclist were riding past us when one of the cyclist touched the back wheel of the front rider and he went crashing down. He wasn't injured but it was a silly thing to do as there were several speed bumps and we were all slowing down as we approached them .I was just behind and to the left of the cyclist who fell and just missed riding over his head.

Tineke , our guest rider and myself continued on to Shelley and we rode back to the city from there via Curtin and our guest cyclist turned around at the end of the Shelley effort.

I got to test my aero bottle and everything was working fine. I was happy with the morning effort . I ran for 23 minutes off the bike and that felt comfortable.

On Sunday , it was a short swim at City Beach .No one felt like a longish swim and it was a little swelly out there . I should have swum longer but I will be doing all my swim sessions this week before Sunday. Looking forward to Sunday .It doesn't have the sense of anxiety and worry it used to have but more a sense of Adventure . But lots can go wrong and the trick is to be able to be positive whilst making sure I will be able to foreshadow any and every eventuality. Have a back up plan . I am hoping that I don't have a puncture but if I do I will only be carrying one tubular. If its two , I will be walking home.

Started collecting all the gear together. The advantage of a local race , I have more stuff to cart down to the race.

Swim : 1.5 hrs or 3.8km
Run: 2.25 hrs or 23km
Bike: 158km or 5.2 hrs
total : 9.15 hrs