Sunday, July 17, 2011

You Might THINK

Weezer - You Might Think (The Cars cover) by Cover Me

I had a quieter weekend but the start of a productive one.

Managed a hard wind trainer session.A first for several months as I return to my bike on the wind trainer.I followed one of Troy Jacobsens spinervals and did 2.5 hrs before hopping onto the thread mill to run for 15 minutes .This was coming off a 17km run the previous night so the legs were sore.

I just didn't know how sore.My son was my domestique although he would only bring me Starburst snakes which are really just chewy sweets shaped liked snakes and would not get me any water so I had to have one water stop. He did begin to tell me all about Pokemon characters he collected . That was a long bike session.

It was especially hard having to ride standing with the cassette at 23 .
That really hurt as I was practically running on the bike and my quads were just burning up.

I made the fatal mistake of assuming I would recover by Sunday and did a long run.The plan was to try and do 30km but I was really slow and tired and managed 20km in 2 hours .A very slow run.The reality of compressing 3 days of fairly hard sessions without any build and rest.

Had to cut the run short because I had to take Jonathan to watch Cars 2 .My weary bones got a rest and my brain could switch off . The music and animation was good but it was after all a kids movie so don't expect a major storyline. If anything it had a simple story. Be yourself and don't expect your friends to be anything other then themselves. Or don't judge a book by its cover .Everyone has their talents if you can get past the cars talking bit. But Jonathan enjoyed it .

Finally starting on my programme for Busselton which will be up in August.
Welcome comments and criticisms.

And finally I had a read of some interesting and not so interesting articles;

Niki Gudex : Mountain Biker

  1. Wayne Goldsmiths piece on the Top ten effective habits of a Coach
  2. Mens health : Sexiest Female Athletes in the World
  3.  Hamburg ITU Race Report
  4. Bike rack as Art Competition at the Power house Museum
And if  a wind trainer session isn't mind numbing enough,  in one of my more delirious moments whilst trying to remain focused on the session I thought it would be nice to get a group of triathletes together and do my own spinerval .Beats a calender any day.