Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lazy Days In the Spotless Mind

The weekend was relatively easy with me sitting at the computer monitoring races .There was Roth which had live coverage and 2 world records set. Raelert and Wellington both smashed the current Ironman world records for both the men's and women's event.

The men's record is now 7.45 and the women's is 8.18. Did not see them cross the line but the atmosphere at least from the  live cameras looked great .Its a race on my to do radar in the future.The other race on the weekend was Ironman Switzerland with several triathletes from perth doing the race.

Other than staying indoors I did ride on Saturday morning with the Exceed group but got dropped at Point Walter Road and then caught up with the stragglers just before the city.It was a cold overcast day and hard just trying to find my cycling legs.

I was meant to run on Sunday but just slept in and in the evening the weather was just looking miserable so I gave it a miss.Others with greater fortitude did venture out for their long run. I decided to run after work on Monday and it was just damp , cold and dark as well.Managed 17km in a reasonable pace of 5.18 just above my Vdot pace of 5.11.

At breakfast after Saturdays ride I had a lengthy chat with Ross and will show him my programme which I decided I will design myself . I have read enough and done had sevral programes I  think to be able to manage my own plan. I will put it up on my blog as I roll it out for anyone who wants to have a look at an ironman programe . I will continue to ride with the group but a large part of the training will be on my own.

The new financial year has started and I have to renew my membership with TWA . Unfortunately I have to join a Triathlon Club and given my training arrangements , just the practicality of the location , the group I am training with and Ross I will probably be joining Exceed .Although after 5 years , 3 of which as a  North Coast Committee member , my heart is very much with North Coast  and I will remain as a social club member for the sake of continuing to have a  connection with the club.

Read a good piece on the competitor website by Torbjorn Sindballe :

The mental Game of Triathlon
It is so much a mental game .
The rest of the week has been a daze of work so no training .Need to get out of this rut soon but no pressure yet.