Saturday, July 30, 2011

Training Start : The edge of ......

My training is starting with earnest.I am back on the treadmill .

Monday I did a 15 plus run with 7.5 at lunch time and the rest in the evening with a short swim of 35 minutes .

I had a short radio interview at 6 EBA Etnic Ability , a radio programme in Perth run by EDAC about Triathlon and my fund raising campaign for Edac .I hope to promote the campaign again in the next few months in the lead up to Busselton.

On Tuesday I was up early .A first after many weeks of sleeping late. I rode with the group from EXCEED and it was a relatively easy session with 4 x 5km sprints.I rode a lap of the course before the start as I was up pretty early and saw Michelle training with an hour and half of laps in her preparation for Kona.

This will be the toughest preparation leading to an Ironman Race with my commitment to work and family and my other activities taking up a lot more time than previously. Juggling all these commitments is going to be interesting. I have finalised ,y programme with minor changes allowed for with life getting in the way of a good programme.

I will post the first month for anyone interested in a guide for IM training.The mistakes are mine to make . That is the uniqueness of Triathlon . There is so much to learn and whilst I can't do much about the genetics there is a diverse view about optimizing methods of training , nutrition and the psychology of racing.

Finishing my read of Chris McCormack's book " I am here to win" with many good quotes.My favourite presently is: I am Not much for affirmations , but the one thing I say to myself before every race is , "EMBRACE THE SUCK" Because no matter how much you love being a triathlete , at some point a race is going to really , really suck.

Chris McCormack

And finally in the week of preparation for me :

"The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare." Sun Tzu, "The Art of War"