Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Dream

Perth's wild stormy weather here to stay
Running on Wednesday night was a new experience.Perth was on a weather alert with gale force winds and rain due at about 5.30 .I ran up to the Running Centre and the group took off at about 5.30 with a 12km run .

It started to rain soon after and it was quite dark.About 4km into the run in King's park it started to belt down and my spectacles got really fogged up and running in the dark was hard.I started with the slow group but the re were 4 of us ahead of everyone and it was a 4.40 pace which was hard going for me .The two front runners and the fast group just pushed on ahead. I ran by myself for most of the way after the university turn off which was about 5.5km into the run. It was then along the river and the rain was just coming down with the lightning and the cars with their bright lights blinding me . There were a couple of times I got drenched by the car spray from several vehicles . It was an experience. Two of the girls running , passed me and I soldiered on. It was really not a night to be out .My wife was berating me for running in the rain with the weather warning. "You are not only obsessed ,you are stupid as well". Loving words of concern. Well I wasn't the only dumb one .There was fellowship in stupidity with 15 others .

I only managed a 10km run and I was soaked. I don't revel in the exploit. It was just a training run and it was good to be out despite the conditions . It was cold and wet but it made the day all the more complete. I recall my epic ride to Toodyay 2 years back and coming down Redhill in the rain. All these memories go into the bank of experience and makes the race all that sweeter.

I sat on my wind trainer on Thursday and tried out the Hills DVD from Carmichael. I did another wind trainer session on Saturday with a half hour run as well.On Friday I managed a swim session but little else .I was suppose to run on Sunday but just fell into a bit of a lazy hole with the weather and went to watch Harry Potter . I know ... I do need to get a life outside triathlons and training.I did have time to finish up my Programme and will post it on the blog.

I am happy with it and there is room to fine tune the daily workouts.

I am finishing McCormack's book and beside the great quotes its a simple read with his insight .I don't take a lot away from the book as far as how to improve and it doesn't quite get deep into his psyche and what makes him tick.Maybe it does scratch the surface and proves what I already knew ,he is a great athlete with a very tough mental attitude. I don't quite buy the mental games he played but if it worked for him that's fine.

I do take away a simple fact . A Goal is a Dream with a Plan ( chapter 14 of his booke). I now have a Plan.