Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Tiring Week Doing Nothing

Perth Celebrates Cadels Win

Time is rushing by as the weeks start rolling by. Its been a terribly quiet week training wise with lots of work and long days and little sleep with the TDF.. I got in a swim on Monday evening and that was about it.
The rest of the week was spent at work and by the end of the day I was just too drained to get out into the cold and run. Having said that it was just nice to have a change of pace and not be under any strain but my run training has suffered with the lack of it.

But it was an inspiring week watching the TDF with Cadel Evan winning the time trial.

Followed the TDF on the SBS TDF website and the Official TDF website.

I have spent lots of time reading especially drawing up my programme for next month and had my parcel from Wiggle with my runners and a DVD from Carmichael training on Climbing.I hope to have a mix of riding my wind trainer and working on the road especially with the weather now.

It also allows me a little more flexibility and a more balance allotment of time in training and staying at home.

It is shaping up to be an interesting experiment in training as I try and put the jigsaw together . My lack of running fitness is always going to be an issue as there is always going to be difficulty in making the improvements I want in the limited time I  have with the commitments I have presently.The work load this year will get harder and as such it will be more trying making up the training hours I need to do fit into the rest of my life.

I am enjoying the calm before the storm.

Finally I console myself in my lazy week as in all things always try to aim for balance. Extremes on anything is bad. It also doesn't allow you to achieve the best you can be. I came across the article
I read an article Ten reasons exercise is bad for you by Ben Greene.