Friday, July 2, 2010


View from Left Bank

I commenced my July training full of enthusiasm conscious that IMWA is 5 months away and starting too early may lead to a lack of motivation and tiredness just when I need to muster the strength for the last solid block of training before Busso.

But it was nice to be able to get out of bed and despite the cold get to swim training with a drizzle and still feel good and enthused. Just hope it last .

Swimming was good fun today.Whilst it was cold , the water was nice. Did an 800m warm up. 100m medley then a 400m time trial which I did in about 8.35 . Not sure if that is a PB though? Then a slow 300m before 6 x 100m at medium, firm and 50 backstroke ,50 free thrown in.

Did 2.4km with a 200 m cool down.Cycled to the pool than on to work.As the firm was having lunch to celebrate the end of the financial year , we all went down to the Left Bank .I rode down and had a great lunch ending at 4.30 and then caught a lift to the city .I then rode back. Did a 47km ride nice and slow.

This week I have done Swim 2hrs
Bike 4.45
run 2.35

Tomorrow , I head for the hills again and then a long slow run on Sunday.

Today was a great day, despite the drizzle in the morning , the ride round the river in the afternoon was as good as it gets. The sun was out and it was warm , there was little traffic and the sky was clear . I had a lovely card from a client , chocolates and cake as a gift and finally lunch with colleagues was just the icing on the cake.