Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rainy Days

I had a very slack week .It was a busy Monday and Tuesday so I did not manage any training.On Wednesday , I ran at Lunch and in the vening for 1.5 hrs and then did the swim session ,the standard 2.4km. On Thursday Perth was expecting a storm front so I decided to give the ride a miss but in the end the rain only started in the afternoon and continued.

I swam on Friday for an hour and a half , was raining in the evening but it did not feel too bad in the water. did about 2.8km with a number of drills .

On Saturday morning ,I bit the bullet and decided to ride the Painathon familiarisation course starting at the causeway for challenges 6 to 10. I started off late at 7am and within 10 minutes it began to rain.I had my yellow flouro rain jacket and quickly got it on .It did not really keep the rain off.I met Michael P who was taking anyone interested through the cycle route to the Painathon challenge.One other racer showed up.We started off at 7.45tam and within 15minutes it started to rain and continued off and on for all 5 hours .We rode out to Campesic Road in the Swan valley about 35km from Perth and then to the Zig-Zag in kalamunda and then to Bickley reservoir .Michael made a wrong turn and we climbed up Kalamunda Road for about 15 minutes before we turned back and came down the road and found the right turn off.Got to Bickley Reservoir, had a short break and a banana.I had 1.5 bottles,with 1 bottle of electrolyte and just a banana and a bar for the whole ride.Managed to survive although I was feeling tired after 3.5 hours of riding.

From bickley it was a 20km ride to Canning Bridge via Albany Hwy which was very busy.We skirted round Albany Hwy by going through the side roads and made it onto Manning road and then onto Canning Bridge.from there it was a short ride back to Kings Park.I rode home and did 123km in 4.5 hours.The bike was a mess and everything was wet.

After today's ride ,the Painathon on 1 August is going to be very tough especially if it rains .but should be a good training session all the same.