Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sick Again

"No one ever finds life worth living—he has to make it worth living."
— Unknown

Despite a reasonable start to the week as I get ready for the start of my training program , I have succumbed once again to the flu.Not too bad and just a dry hacking cough and the usual aches and pains.I managed one swim session and the Tuesday and Thursday bike the sore throat on Wednesday but thought i would just get over it in a day.How wrong. Thursday i rode to kings Park and did a few loops and then went to work and after work rode to the Gym did a 30 min thread mill session and then rode home . Felt Ok but by Friday morning was unwell and had to skip my Saturday ride and just rest although I spent a whole day at a planning session for the volunteer group Iam president of at the moment.Made a welcome change to my Saturday mornings.I also got to watch the hamburg leg of the ITU race and that was really quite exciting despite the race always coming down to the run and who was the fastest runner.

With a week to the Painathon there is a bit of deja vu in my preparation this year , ie. there is none. Fortunately it is really just a long training day and hopefully I will be well by then and able to finish the race ...probably in the dark as I think it is harder than an IM race and more so with the preparation I have had. But I have had sponsorship of 500 dollars so I have to finish the race for the sake of the sponsorship.

At least I seem to be getting the sick periods out of the way in the beginning.
Link to the ITU Hamburg race.