Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Week 11 March 13- 19 When the going gets tough ....

Chasing Ducks


The Mid point of training has just passed on 10 March 2017 and it is now the back end of training with a solid 8 weeks before a slow taper before the Ultra Trail Australia 100 in the Blue Mountains

A good solid week of training with a 15km run off the back of the Sunday long run . I split my run with an 8km run in the morning and a 7 km run in the evening with the last 2kms with Molly aka Irondog just to get her running a bit more.

The legs pulled up pretty well..

On Tuesday another wind trainer session with 45 minutes on Zwift with 12 x 30 secs at 380 watts along the way and 2 minutes plus of recovery between.

Wednesday  Just aiming for 3 minutes up Mount Street and easy jog down managed 11 repeats and just 6.5km with 440m elevation .

Thursday Cross fit session  as in the photo.

Friday Another hills session at Jacobs Ladder and Mount Street with 6 repeats of Jacobs and 6 repeats of Mount Street with about 500m of elevation and 4km

Saturday a wet bike ride with CRT , a shortened ride of 60km

Sunday a 5hr run with 1200 m of elevation and managed 26kms just doing lots of Kokoda repeats and DNA and Mount Street and running around Kings Park .

Comparably small volume of running  this week compared to last year with 51 kms and about 2300m of elevation.