Thursday, March 9, 2017

UltraTrail Australia Week 5-8

Somebody Told Me -The Killers

A Walk in the Park

Sunday's run
Kings Park Every Sunday

The amount of vertical elevation is getting harder and it has been getting hotter.

The second month of training started to ramp up with still low mileage but more elevation .A different approach to last year's trainning. I have also not ben religious on the diet and have lost a little weight more notably around the waist but at 75kgs I am fairly stable but needing to get closer to 70 kg .

Week4 Jan 30th to 5 Feb

Matilda Bay run

Slow start with a 7.5km easy run .Just tired from Sunday .Was suppose to be a 12lm easy run .


Crossfit session


Hills run and ran from the office to Kings Park where I ran along the bike path ,Malcolm street  and Mount street  all with gradients varying between 5 to 8% and managed just 9km in 80 minutes of running in the heat .


skipped crossfit

Jacobs Ladder

Jacobs Ladder with 10 minute warm up then with the running pack did 30 minutes of stairs and 10 minutes running flat before returning and doing another 30 minutes . Managed 10 repeats of Jacobs Ladder which is 240 steps or 45 metres .Distance a miserly 4.5km


I was supposed to ride but slept in


Long run with 3.5 hours at Kings Park starting at 6.30am and we did a run for the first hour then repeats of Kokoda and Mount Street getting to about 1200m of elevation although the Garmin says 975m.Distance run 18.5kms only .

Week2  Feb 6 to 12

Pretty much the same with 15 km easy on Monday which I did along the river in the evening.
Then on Wednesday did the same hill repeats but in Kings Park running along May Drive for 11km on a gentler gradient and 200m of elevation .Friday Jacobs ladder again with about 5kmsof running on stairs and nearly 500m of elevation

Sunday 3.5 hours with only 15.5kms but managed 1200m of elevation and lots of repeats on Kokoda

Week 3 Feb13 to 19

Same routine as week 2 and on Sunday was a 4 hour session with 1400 m of elevation and only managed 16kms again with lots of Kokoda trail repeats and some at the DNA tower . I started late and ran by myself for the first hour .

Week 4 Feb 20 to 26

Monday was an easy 16 km run which I did in 2 hours slow. Wednesday hills with 80 or 4 x 20 mins with a rest between and 11km with 200m of elevation .Friday the stairs with 5 km and just 75 minutes with a break along the way.Did Jacobs for the first 30 mins and then ran Mount street for 40 minutes or really hiked up the hill for a distance of 5kms only and 500m of elevation.Saturday started riding again with CRT and did a 75km ride and managed to hang in with group 5 .Then in the afternoon a cross fit session at BorisFit.Sunday the long run but not so long this week with a 2 hour run at Reabolt and coffee at Georges after the run.

The first break in the programme with elevation being the key. I managed about 1500 to 2000m of elevation each week in the past few weeks .  It hopefully gets better because it doesn't get easier.