Sunday, March 19, 2017

Week 10 Are we there yet

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After the five hour run on Sunday , I am thankful for the Labour Day Monday Holiday and late start.I ran at Reabolt hill doing an easy 8km run it was supposed to be 10km with 600m of elevation but just managed about 300 m.The legs felt tired but mentally I was tired

Tuesday , an easy day with an evening wind trainer session on Zwift riding 20km with 1 minute efforts at over 200 watts.

Wednesday , back at Mount street running 2 minutes up  and easy down for 60 minutes .I managed 13 repeats of Mount street (nearly to the top) for about400m of elevation I would expect and then coffee at the Mount Street Breakfast Bar .

Thursday Crossfit in the evening with 100 squats , 15 toes to bar , 30 GHD , 100 crunches , 70 hollow rocks  , then followed by 1 to 8 repeats of clean and jerks and snatches for a total of 36 repeats of each exercise .

Friday Stairs with the run pack and did 10 repeats of Jacobs Ladder and then coffee at Mount Street. Total distance was just 3km and 450m .Ran a slow 4km in the evening as well .

Saturday had a rest day as my daughter was graduating and so missed the CRT ride.

Sunday .Long run at Kings Park at 5.30am covering 4.5 hours . I ran and walked for 4hr 20 mins and managed 22.5km with 1250m of elevation including 12 repeats of the Kokoda Trail at 71meters and then 10 repeats of Mount street at 40m . The weather was nice and cool and so found it a lot more comfortable than last week.

This week slightly less running with about 43km and 2400m of elevation .

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