Sunday, April 2, 2017

Week 12 Past the mid point

Sunday evening at the river with Molly


A tough week in terms of elevation.

Monday was an easy 10km which I did with 7km followed by a 4 km run in the evening with Molly allowing her to just run freely where she like . She managed to find 3 houses with cats and took me through several laneways .

Tuesday , I had a rest day .

Wednesday I ran in the evening with 8 repeats of Kokoda Track to get an elevation of 480m and then a run to make up the hour managing only 5km

Thursday .Cross fit did snatch squats and squat cleans for 40 minutes .

Friday 1 hour at Mount Street with 10 repeats and 400m

Saturday .A ride with CRT and a great day but turned back at Raffles for a shorter ride and just 55km to allow the legs a rest for the long Sunday session .

Sunday .Just Kokoda repeats 33 right to the top of the hill and that took 4 hours with 15minutes running initially in the rain but the rain cleared and the rest of the time till about 4 hours was spent on the Kokoda trail just grinding up .We did 2280 m and I covered 15.5km.

Total elevation for the week 3000 plus with just 35 kms