Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Week 9

Its getting really hot in Perth and I still weigh 75 kgs although the weight fluctuates depending on when I weigh myself . But I have started to lose some fat and feel stronger . The amount of walking up hills and steps is a  lot more than last year.

I am running a lot slower as well


started with a slow 10km run which I took 78 mins to do so it was really slow.Irondog ran for 3kms with me.

Tuesday I missed cross fit but rode on the wind trainer doing a 15km ride on Zwift .

Wednesday it was back in Kings park running along Forrest and down to Stirling Hwy for as many repeats of a 2km  hill run I could get . Managed 10.5km in 80 mins .


Back to Cross fit with a hard session of various exercises over 40 minutes with 5 medicine ball squats after each exercise which included cleans , push press, snatches  ,crunches etc .

Morning start at Jacobs ladder with 30 minutes of climbing then 10 minutes of hills ( mount street ) and repeated that for about 4.2km in 70 minutes only. Saturday back with the CRT ride around the river .It was a hot day at 39C and a fast ride with 75 kms . Managed to sneak in the sprint finish at the end of the Stirling Highway section before heading back to Subiaco for coffee.

In the afternoon  crossfit did a 30 minutes session of 75 squats followed by 25 clean and jerks and bur pees and then 25 crunches followed by 20 of the same, 15, 10 and 5 before finishing with 75 squats.

On Sunday , longest run so far .I did a 4.50 mins run with the first 3 hours we ran along the river from Kings Park and back before I did 9 repeats of Kokoda and a few short runs along the paths in Kings Park for a total of 28kms and about 700 to 800 m of elevation and it was really hot at the end .Started at 5.30am and finished at 10.30am.

The weeks are progressing with about 50km in running (low by last years standards ) but with a lot more elevation .This week I hit about 1600m of elevation. 

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