Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 15 Taper

Tapering....Just like waiting for the Bus

The Training is over and it is now 2 weeks to Ironman Busselton.The hard yards are done and whilst everyone usually feels there is more that should and could be done it really isn't  and if there is it is too late. The preparation this year has been hard in parts but overall in relation to volume I felt I had not put in the big volumes of training I have done in previous years. I have done a lot more specific workouts for speed and I think it has helped and is a start >I haven't been at my optimum weight or fitness as in 2011/12 but I also haven't out in the training I did in those seasons past. It is all about balance and being accepting about it. lots of triathletes fret about training and volume and data but when all is said and done unless it is the difference between a kona slot and not I don't think it matters. Despite a great programme I know my limitations and accept that first and foremost , I wanted a life and balance and fun.Secondly , the plan is to get to the start line injury free and I have done that . Lastly to finish and hopefully finish well. Always go in with a goal time and then plan for contingencies if and when it doesn't go to plan.

Th predictions by Ironguides are up and there are some fast age groupers. I get a mention for perseverance .  (Your iron Guides IMWA Precistions ) 

The week was great with Monday an easy ride for 1 hour along the river and then a run at lunch at easy pace .On Tuesday , I did another short run and had a break on Wednesday with a massage by Adele at Essential Sports Recovery  .Hurts alot but it is good for me. Thursday was an easy 1.5hr ride but turned up for the regular Kings park ride and we did a loop and then some sprints which hurt but only for a short period. Friday I skipped swimming and just rested. On Saturday I rode to Floreat and back home a long the coast .It was a 2 hour ride and felt pretty good even if the average speed was slow. Continually amazes me that there are triathletes doing big mileage a week out from an Ironman.

The highlight of the week was the Mandurah Inter-Club Championships a.I last raced for Eceed in 2013 , skipping it last year . Irondog came along again and whilst it was an early start to the day ...driving down to mandurah for the race , I enjoyed the hit out before Bussso. A chance to test out the gear and transitions.

This year it was a beach start and I started slow and felt really comfortable in the water and finished the swim in under 15 minutes even though my Garmin said I had done 890 m. just 140m more than required. The transition was a little slow as I raced with a Trishort and had to wear my top after the swim . I did bungle the mount on the bike as I had my shoes clipped on and one of them came off.Anyway lost a few minutes. I had a good ride and was about 4 minutes faster than last year .With the run I ran conservatively and managed a 4.50 average and finished strongly with a sprint for 23.49 about 35 seconds slower and oddly about the same time as 2013. (1.19 hr ) Pleased with that and felt good if a little stiff and sore . The Club won the Rob Pickard Trophy for the club with the most points accumulated on the day.A first for Exceed but we were second in relation to best average points for the highest average score. Break Your Limits won it. Whilst not on the training plan it was a good training session.

Prize giving at Inter-Club
With Molly the Irondog
Exceed Triathlon Club

Molly with her war paint .picture by Katey Gibb
Irondog and I .Picture by Katey Gibb