Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 14

The last push and no long rides now...Not that I had many and even the runs have not been longish for the past 5 weeks so it will be interesting to see how I go.

I have been tired and the workouts are hard .Like Cross fit they have been short but hard.

Monday .I had my ergo session and skipped the swim. It was a harder session than before.I had a 1 minute warm up then 17 x 1minute at 260plus Watts and 1 minute recovery followed by 10 minutes cool down. Found maintaining 260 for a minute pretty hard but did survive it .

Tuesday I was to tired to run in the morning so I ran at Lunch with a 50 minute run at about 6 mins per km pace .In the evening was a short cross fit session with :
A light warm up then
5 ring pulls
5 pull ups
10 wall balls
20 slamballs x 5 rounds and a short 1 km jog for a cool down.


I swam at Beatty Park for 2km straight and in the evening did a session on the windtrainer with 1.20 minutes just keeping the wattage at 150 to 180 for 10 minutes before a 5 minute recovery at a slightly lower pace for the whole period.


Legs were tired and managed the bike session at Kings Park.We rode round the outside of the Park for a warm up then did 5 climbs up Lovekin at full VO2 pace I didn't quite get there but was struggling with the air needed for the lungs and the HR was at 160 . The to the coffee shop for coffee.

In the evening did my run intervals with3km warm up and then 6 x 800m atconsistent not all out pace .Did struggle because I was coughing a bit from the cool air.I did manage to maintain a 4.47 minutes per km pace so that was pretty consistent  all at about 3minutes 50 seconds for each 800 metres. I was pretty tired and by 9pm was asleep.The legs were a little sore as well.

Friday .

Just a swim which I did on my own.

On Saturday I rode round the river with Exceed Tri Club and managed to hang on a little longer before a bunch of us got dropped but still managed to take my turn on th front and felt good on the ride. No real point in any long rides 2-3 weeks out from Busselton and there was more chance of injury/ fatigue than any benefit. Followed by Cross fit in the afternoon.

On Sunday , I did a longish swim with 2.2 km at Cottesloe. Not fast but the swims are helping with me getting into some form of rhythm . This past week I also got  another email from WTC

WTC had posted a generic statement about the legacy programme which was confusing so I got onto the Athlete's Liaison Officer and emailed her . I had received an email on 8 July 2015 and the email states as follows:

On Wed, Jul 8, 2015 at 1:26 AM, Ann Parks  wrote:
Good Afternoon!

I’ve tried calling/leaving a voicemail for you, but in case you didn’t get it, please continue to read this exciting email:

I wanted to thank you for your dedication to Ironman and to our sport. I continue to be inspired by the devotion, determination and incredible spirit displayed by you and other Ironman athletes. The Ironman Legacy Program was designed with athletes like you in mind. In return for the commitment you’ve made to Ironman, we will reward you with the opportunity to race at the Ironman World Championship. Although you were not selected for the 2015 program, I can guarantee your selection for the 2016 program if you simply maintain your eligibility by following the three steps below:

1)      You will need to complete an Ironman race in 2015
2)      You will need to register for an Ironman race in 2016
3)      You will need to re-apply to the Legacy program after it opens in October of 2015

If you have any questions about your status or the process for securing eligibility in 2016, please let me know. Thank you again for your loyalty.

Be strong and race safely,

Ann Skerkoski Parks

Manager, Athlete Services



2701 North Rocky Point Dr | Suite 1250

Tampa, FL 33607

P:  813.868.5979


She confirmed that the above remains correct in so far as I comply with the requirements .I have to finish Busselton and register for 2016 and complete the application  . So it is just staying healthy and getting through IMWA in one piece  and hopefully I get the invite next year.
I don't think Irondog can take any more Ironman training programs.