Sunday, November 22, 2015

Week 13 A Blur

Week 13 Its a Blur


Exceed Club Ride Saturday 14 November 2015

This week was a full on week but the long ride is now dropping off.

I have had a good week of training and other than the usual aches and pains I have come off  without any injuries and major issues. The Mandurah 70.3 was on 8 November  and whilst I have raced it in the past as a lead up race into Busso , this year and last I have skipped it.

My Monday has been the same and I did the ergo session with again 15 x 1minues at 230 plus wattage.Low for many but pretty hard for me . I swam at Beatty Park and did a 2km swim .

Tuesday , a run for 1 hour and kept at about a 6 minute per km pace and felt good. In the evening I got to cross fit late but had a session with

1min arap push press 40kg ,
1min arap squats , 1 min row ,
1min cleans ,
1 min row ,
1 min recovery repeated 3 times.

Short session but really got the HR up high.

Wednesday , I was supposed to ride and swim but took a rest day .

Thursday , The usual bike session at King's Park and Nedlands and then run session at Yokine with Katey . 3 Km warm up and then I ran 200, 400, 600 and 800 x 2 and then 200 and 400m x 2 before a cool down jog. Pace was the same as last week .

Friday , work meant I missed the swim session . Saturday last long ride of 4 hours . I rode from home and then met up with the Exceed group and rode round the River with them . the group broke up at Leighton's Beach . I did 15 minute efforts or as close as along the way . Stopped after Shelley to fill my bidons so I got dropped by the remaining group and made my way back then had a drink at the Cafe and rode for another hour to finish with 93kms.  I ran off the bike for 30 minutes .It was a hot day with the temperature at 38-39 degrees .Others were doing far longer sessions and I was glad I only had a 4.5 hr session.

In the afternoon I went for cross fit and we did a short session with the heat .I did 1 push jerk, 1 clean , 1 squat and 1 crunch , then 2 increasing till I did 7 repeats and repeated that again. Long Day of training but the last longish ride .

On Sunday , I rode to Cottesloe with the legs still sore and then swam on my own for about 40 minutes before swimming with Les and Trevor for a short session between the groynes .Finished up with a 2km swim and then after coffee at Daisies rode home .

One more week of training and then taper.

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