Friday, December 4, 2015

Week 16 Ironman Busselton 2015

Last week and just relaxing . Did some easy rides and short runs and will swim at Busso just to get the arms moving .

I am sure there will be a  bit of nervous tension about . I tend to see it as a long training day and have done so for a few years . The weather forecast looks good and  just getting to the start line with no injuries is a good start.

The gear is packed and training done. Just need to execute the Plan and pace the race. Whilst not really Triathlon relevant the article on Dylan Bowman an ultra runner does resonate when doing any ultra event:

Dylan Bowman Ultra running Secrets
Dylan Bowman
Nutrition Plan For IM

AM : Breakfast Toast jam coffee
          Bidon Tailwind 200calories/ 50gms carbohydrates with caffeine
          Before swim one gel shotz/ water sip throughout before the start

           Water as going thru transition
           Start nutrition regime on bike
           Bidon of concentrated tailwind 3 scoops per hour for 6 or 18 scoops = 75gms   
           carbohydrates  per hour or 300 calories per hour  Add every hour to Aero bottle and dilute 
           down with water from aid station .One bidon every aid station
           Salt 300mg per scoop so 900mg per hr should be about right . In case it is warmer have added
           salt tablets available May add 600mg to make it 1000mg per hr
           Also take on some dates and bananas for something different on the bike.

            Off Bike/Run
           Carry 2 flask of gels .About 2-3 gels per hour plus water and electrolyte on the run alternate
           aid stations  to make up about 200-300 calories per hour plus food on the aid stations to make
           up another 100 calories or 3 gels per hour. Coke at 20km point if can hold out till then .