Sunday, November 22, 2015

Week 11 & 12 Smooth

Smooth - Santana ...Summer is here Countdown to Busselton Ironman WA ...Looks like a hot one

Post Bike walk on Saturday

Week 11 was a good week because it was an easy week and other than the week in Singapore , is the only one in the program. It still had about 14 hours but I ended up doing 10 and skipping the swimming for the week .(Not a fan of swimming presently )

Monday a rest day so great just doing nothing for a change. Tuesday an easy run and ride just keeping it slow and easy . Wednesday I was due to just do an easy swim session but work and life just got in the way Thursday I rode alone around Kings park and Nedlands rather than in the group and in the evening had the usual interval session with 12 x 400m after the usual warm up . Hard paced and managed about 1.34 to 2.08 minutes per 400m varying in pace from easy to fast.

Cross Fit on my own
Friday another non swim day as I just did not make the swim session .Saturday I had an easy ride with the Exceed group round the river and ended up doing 90km and 4 hours . In  the arvo was cross fit which I did on my own with 50 squats, 40 sit ups, 30 push ups  , 20 triceps dip , 10 pull ups repeated 5 times . Sunday I had a rest day . Glad for the break and did unfortunately skip a number of sessions but found the rest and change of pace good. It hasn't been too hard a programme but balancing everything has been and I was glad to be able to just not get too stressed about having to keep every session.

Week12 was back to a full week of training .The week was similar with a swim session I did on my own at Beatty park swimming 2km straight and then in the evening an ergo session with 15 x 1 minutes at 230 plus watts or more.Which i managed but found pretty hard and I will just have to keep working on improving the wattage as I go along next year .

Tuesday , a run in the morning with 12km and managed to keep the pace about 5.50 minutes per km , which is about what I think I can manage on the run .Have been pretty slow in the mornings possibly as I am still recovering from the ergo session. In the evening cross fit with :
7 Cleans
7 thruster squats
7 jump bar push ups
5 rounds

Wednesday: I did another wind trainer session of 1.20 and missed the swim session. Thursday , rode with Hall Cycling at Kings park and we did roll throughs and some speed work at Kings Park . In the evening I ran on my own at Yokine and after the 15 minute warm up did a ladder set of 200, 400 , 600 ,800 and 1km and then back to 1km , 800. 600 , 400, and 200m in reverse at fast . Then a short cool down .

Friday swam in the evening and managed 2.7km with some sets in Flippers and the main set was 10 x 100m fast .

Saturday , rode to the Narrows bridge for the Exceed ride round the river and then I was going to go down the Freeway bikepath on my own.Unfortunately the group was too fast and so I got dropped at the University and ended up riding on my own round the river and then down the bike path .Unfortunately I got a bee sting again and a puncture .long day with 130kms .I ran off the bike with Molly so was a bit slow for about 17 minutes.In the afternoon Cross fit with a hard and fast session of:
30 Deadlifts 30kg
30 calories row
30 Overhead squat with 15kg bar
then 20 reps and then
30 reps again
Sorrento beach swim

Sunday , did a very slow Ocean swim at Sorrento .Wasn't choppy but still finding my rhythm  in the ocean.

It is now 4 weeks to Busselton and 2 more weeks before Taper and one last long ride. There are lots of athletes  doing lots more but I find this is about the level of training that suits me.