Tuesday, October 27, 2015

WEEK 9 & 10 Just Dance

                                               After a hard week ...Just Dance

Post ride rest

Another big Block of training done. The week started out with the usual hard ergo session and I have found these over the last few weeks the toughest session. I has a 1 hour block with 10 minutes warm up and then 5mins at close to 200watts as I could get with a 3 minute recovery done 5 times and at the end I was pretty much done.

Tuesday I ran in King's park for an hour at as close to race pace which at the moment is about 6.16 minutes per kilometer.  The legs were tired from the ergo session but finished comfortably. In the evening cross fit with dead lifts and push ups increasing the reps starting with 2 up to 12 reps in a 10 minute period using 40 and 60kg weight and then push press with a 35kg weight for 40 minute.

Wednesday , swimming on my own at Beatty Park , straight out swim for 2km .

Thursday , bike session at Kings Park with a ride round the outside of the Park and up mount street then practicing turns at sprint speed and then threshold efforts around the Park and repeating it .Rode for nearly 2 hours and it was a hard session.

In the evening , run training with Katey at Yokine. Warm up was 3 km and then we did 2km at threshold pace and then 2 x 1km at slightly harder pace and finally 2 x 500m all out. I managed the first 2km at 5.03 pace and then 5.20 pace and the two 1km runs were at 4.56 and 4.58 pace and the 500m were at 2.15 and 2.20 pace. We then did a cool down finishing the session running just under 10kms.

Friday , just a swim session in the evening with the following :

200m free 100m kick x 2
200m slow to fast x 4
25 fast kick 25m slow kick x 2
100m free
25fast kick 25m slow kick x 2
100x 5 slow to fast

Saturday's WOD
Claremont Jetty Saturday afternoon swim

Saturday , the legs were just tired so I skipped my long ride and did a run 2 hours with 17kms The first 30 minutes easy and then 1 hour at a harder pace , for me about 6 minute pace and then the last 25 minutes were easy . Then a swim at the swan River at Claremont on my own. I did go to cross fit and had a good work out :

7 exercise
7 pushups
7 pullups
deadlifts 50kg
thrusters 25kg
kettlebells 16kgs
knees to elbow rises on bar
 x 5 rounds

Sunday was suppose to be the long ride but I decided to just rest as the legs and body were feeling pretty sore and tired.

Irondog with the TT Bike

Week 10 Monday.Back to the ergo trainer and another really hard session . I felt a lot better with the rest on Sunday and managed the session without getting close to passing out or coughing up a lung.

Tuesday . I ran in the evening a 1 hour session keeping a good pace and managing 10km with a 6.02 minutes per km with the average Heart rate at 128 bpm. I missed cross fit .

Wednesday , I swam in the evening and did my own cross fit session in the gym :

7 rounds
10 push ups
20 squats
20 sit ups
15 triceps squats
10 thruster's with 20kg weight

Thursday ; The usual bike ride at Kings park. this time we headed out to Christchurch in Nedlands practicing rolling of the front in a group and then threshold efforts in kings park circuit and finally one climb up Mount street before heading off for coffee. Pretty hard effort of 1.40hr. In the evening ran with Katey and did a 3km warm up then 8 x 500m , all pretty consistent at 2.24 to 2.09 minutes . Then a slow cool down finishing with about 9km.

Friday . I swam at the pool with Exceed :
200m free warm up
100 x 2 with PB and band
100 free
300m fast
200 easy
2 x 150 fast
200 easy
100 x 3
50 m x 2 fast
100 recovery

 After the swim , I did a long bike ride instead of Saturday .Rode down the freeway bike path to Mandurah and then to Pinjarra Road and back to Deep water point .Finished with about 147km in 5.30 including the break at the Caltex Station for coke and water. I had about 4 bidons with 600 calories of Tailwind Nutrition , a 1.25 litre coke and several dates. Got swooped by a magpie after leaving the station and stung by a bee which causes a reaction on my arm that was still itching 4 days later. the ride out was pretty windy and I had a few mechanicals with the back wheel squeaking for all 5 plus hours .But managed the session with 5 x 20 minutes at threshold effort .Got to about 135 to 143 HR . Had a bit of cramp on the left foot but otherwise felt comfortable .I ran off the bike for 15 minutes or 2.7km.

Saturday's WOD 

Saturday , still sore and tired but ran for 1.45 with 30 minutes easy and then 1 hour at a harder pace for me about 6.09 to 6.30 minutes per km pace and then 15 minutes cool down finishing with 15 plus km. In the afternoon , cross fit with :

5 rounds of
1min box jump
1 min wall balls
1 min dumb bell rowing
1 min overhead squats
1 min KB behind the neck triceps lifts
20 secs between and 2 minute recovery between rounds

I slept pretty soundly after Friday and Saturday's session. On Sunday i had my first ocean swim with just a very slow swim in Sorrento . I had some difficulty with the first couple of minutes but the last two laps between the groyne felt a lot better . just need to get more swims in the ocean before Busselton.

Week 9 turned out to be a less than comprehensive week with 12 plus hours and week 10 was about 16.5 hours. An easy week ahead and then a final solid block before tapering for the race.

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