Monday, April 27, 2015

NorthFace100 Week15 Getting Excited

Poster for KINGS PARK 1930s
Sunset at the State Memorial in the week leading to ANZAC Day 2015

The Week is the last big build of training before there is a gradual reduction in training at least in volume rather than intensity . I feel good and the weight is slowly coming down.

Monday .After the non starter weekend of training from my bout of illness, I started this weeks training with a lunchtime run of 7.5kms and then at 4 pm I did a lactate test at the Running Centre running nearly 5km but stopping every 3 minutes after a warm up for a blood test. Got the results which show my threshold and it has definitely improved since last year and probably is at about where I was in 2011.

Blood Lactate (mmol/L)
Speed (km/h)
Heart Rate (bpm)
Pace (min/km)

Training Zones:

Pace (min/km)
Heart Rate (bpm)
Easy (Zone 1)
5:46 – 7:00
<131 font="">
Steady (Z2)
5:27 – 5:46
132 – 139
Tempo (Z3)
5:03 – 5:27
140 – 151
Threshold (Z4)
4:44 – 5:03
152 – 156
VO2 Max (Z5)
4:34 – 4:44
> 157

This test was performed with the treadmill set to 1 degree incline, as this has been shown to most accurately resemble outdoor running.

I then went for a 10km run at Kings park running about 6.30 pace. Legs felt good.

Garmin run Monday

Garmin run Monday 2

Tuesday . I have not been training much in the morning and confined my training to the evenings and that has allowed me a lot more rest time which has actually helped . I again only did one session this evening riding my bike at King's park for about 80 minutes doing 5 laps around the Park along Lovekin and Forrest Drives with a 1.5km climb each lap .

Wednesday : I ran at Kings Park again doing 70 minutes of hills and 10 minutes warm up and cool down .Managed 7 repeats of a 5 minutes uphill on an incline of about 6-7 % and 5 minutes down .Finished with 12.5kms .Legs again were good and the pace was about 6.30 minutes per km.
I managed to roughly calculate the  altitude /climb and estimate the total  climb distance to be about 40 - 60 meters over a 800 meter distance making the total altitude at about 350 m

Wednesday's Run

Thursday : Rode to cross fit and then did "Angie" minus the pull ups with 100 sit ups. push ups and squats .Then rode back home. About 30 minutes with Cross fit and 90 minutes on the bike just on the small chain ring today.
Morning View from DNA Tower , King's Park

Friday: Rode to work and then did a 1 hour session at Kings Park. I did 10 minutes on the DNA tower  followed by 10 minutes running up and down a short hill about 80-100 metres with about 20 degree angle and then 10 minutes running flat and then repeated it again. managed i think about 450m of elevation as I did about 17 DNA climbs and 11 runs up the hill with the Tower at 15 m and the hill at about 20m

Saturday :  ANZAC Day and the commemoration of the centenary of the landing of Australian and New Zealand Troops on the beach at Gallipoli , Turkey. It was a beautiful Perth autumn day and I had a late start and rode my bike to Sorrento where I had coffee at the Sorrento Life saving club and caught up with a few north coasters who were there after their ride. Then rode home via Hepburn but had the headwind for most of the way so the legs did work a bit . Just a 40km ride in about 1.5 hrs.

In the afternoon did cross fit but we had a 15 minute warm up and then a series of work outs for about 16 minutes so it was a good short work out but got everyone sweating.

Sunday : Last big work out .We all gathered at 5am at Kings park and then started out at Mount Street . Nice and cool so I used my arm warmers . I started with 20 climbs of Mount Street and then ran over to Kokoda and did 10 climbs of Kokoda before finishing with 5 more climbs at Mount Street with a coffee break. I felt pretty good and the legs seemed fine .We finished after about 4 hours so did not quite do the 5 hours .In terms of altitude I think I did about 45m x 25 Mount street and 65m x 10 Kokoda which is a total of  1775 m and just over 20km . In the evening Molly and I did an easy 50 minute run covering 6 plus kms to make it 5 hrs for the day.

Sunday Run

Run: 2575m elevation , 9h20min distance 65kms
Cross fit : 1 hr
Bike: 4.5hrs or 115 kms
total: 14hr 50mins