Sunday, April 12, 2015

North Face Week 13 ...The business End

WAMC 40Miler at Helena Tavern

The long weekend helped .Easter a time of christian renewal and remembering what sacrifice was made .unfortunately , I didn't make it to church much to the families annoyance. It was a big week of training and recovery between two runs. Monday was backing up the Saturday run with another run on tired legs.My left knee with little tendon strength after years of hockey and many dislocations and ligament damage was feeling the worse for wear after Saturday but I used a guard and voltaren which helped keep the knee steady on the gravel surface. Monday was the WAMC 40 miler and we ran a team with Peter first , followed by me and then Lindsay and John D. I ran an 18.6 km leg and whilst the legs were tired I managed to slowly increase the pace and I think i did a negative split with the 2nd nine plus kms being faster . I felt reasonably good although I don't think I had much fuel left simply because I had no nutrition on the 18km run and 2 cups of water. But the purpose was just to test the legs and keep going , speed was not critical. I estimated over the 18km course about 170 m of elevation.
(link to Garmin map of the run leg I did for the 40miler relay)

Pete Richards first runner in our relay (in light blue singlet)

Amanda did the 40miler

Lindsay 3rd runner in the relay

Finishing my leg and handing over to Lindsay at Mt Helena Tavern

John on the last leg

At the turn around

Strolling in under 6 hours
Tuesday I had a rest and did not cycle.
Wednesday . The weather wasn't great and overcast for most of the day. I did my run in the evening heading to Mount street about 1.25 kms and then did 3 x 20minutes with about 2.5minutes for a break between each 20 minute set. each set was just running up mount Street as far as I could run in 30 seconds and then running down and repeating that every minute . I ended up running 10kms and the sprints up were hard managing about 70-100 meters each run up the hill but I was recovering on the way down and found I wasn't running down hill faster . I ended up managing to get down at the end of the minute so little or no recovery even with the runs up being 2-4 seconds less than the full 30 secs. The legs were pretty much done at the end and I took a slow run back to the office in the dark .I estimate I did about 215 m of elevation .

Thursday.A wet day so I skipped cross fit as I finished late and just did a 65 minute session on the wind trainer with a  CTX 90 minute video featuring a ride around Melbourne . Found it quite hard with the heat in the room and the resistance on the bike .Only rode about 27.5kms in that time with lots of 2 minutes hard sessions in the 65 minutes .

Friday evening's sunset from the DNA Tower
Friday .Wet in the morning and cleared up in the evening .Perth has had 100mm of rain this week and we need it .I ran in the evening and fortunately no rain at Kings Park DNA Tower with a 8minute warm up and then 20 minutes of the DNA tower and a short break and another 20 minute session and then a short 800m run and 20 minutes of the Tower and a short cool down.Finished in 1.23 with 40 climbs , 600m of elevation and 4km of running .

On the Kokoda Trail 

View from Kokoda Trail to Swan River below

Coffee at the Cafe

Kings Park Run 11 April 2015 (link to Garmin data)

Saturday. An early start at 5am and we ran for a few kms and then headed for Mount Street. I did 10 repeats at 43 m in elevation each and then did 10 at Kokoda @ 65m and then another 10 at Mount Street . I also ran around the Park between climbs and finished with 27.3kms and I estimate about 1550m in elevation in 4hr 50min. The legs were feeling it at the end with the Friday session .

Probably a little slower than the 26km and 2000m of elevation a few weeks earlier but the legs were tired from the Friday session as well. In the afternoon I got a massage which did hurt a bit but felt good in the end and then we did a relay at cross fit with 5 rounds each of exercises. that was tiring but manageable. The next day the arms were really sore from the ring pulls I did .  

Sunday .I was going to cycle but in the end with the rain I opted for a rest day.

Run: 60km or 9.5 hrs elevation 2500m
Cross fit: 40mins
Cycling: 65mins or 27.5km
Total: 11.15hr

Rest is Important