Monday, May 4, 2015

NorthFace100 Week 16 Taper Time

Trail Running at Kalamunda on Monday 27 March .Pic by Chris Domican

With 3 weeks to go we now start a gradual taper from long training sessions. There isn't much point in endurance racing from beating up the body 3 weeks out as it takes 2-3 weeks to recover from a hard session.

The past week has been the last big build and I have not had any injuries and the legs feel strong. I think I have done just enough but the proof will be in the race and the conditions. Lots of runners would have done in excess of  a 100kms of training a week so what works and doesn't will be tested in 3 weeks. I have worn down one pair of Hokas and now have 2 pairs to break in for the race .

Molly at the Kokoda Trail , King's Park

King's Park Monday 27 April 2015
Molly Looking down Jacob's Ladder

Monday being a Public Holiday I had a good late start and we all gathered at Kalamunda to run one of the trails . I only rang 9kms but it was a hilly and rocky/gravel type trail and took 1.20 to run it .Legs were tired from yesterday but still held up well. In the afternoon I walked for a few kilometers around King's Park with Molly so that helped with the stiffness.

Tuesday was cross fit and we did a 15 minute warm up with an insanity clip and then practiced snatches for a further 45 minutes just focusing on technique.No cycling .

Wednesday: I ran in the afternoon .I had to do 70 minutes made up of 10 minutes warm up and cool down and in between 6 x 10 minutes with 6 minutes under 6.15 min per km pace and 4 minutes over 7.30 minutes per km pace. easy enough. I did manage to keep the pace at 5 minutes per km pace for the 6 minutes and then eased up on the 4 minutes averaging it out at about 5.38 minutes per km pace for the whole run. Did have a bit of a coughing fit in the run but survived. Legs were tired but otherwise felt good. The run was along the river so no elevation .

Thursday :  No riding just cross fit again a short but sharp session of just over 13 minutes.

Thursday's Session
The view for Friday's run
Friday .A short 45 minute session with 7 minutes of hills , stairs and flat running repeated twice. I
did mine at Jacob's ladder and mount Street . I calculated I managed about 4 Jacob's ladder's and 3 mount streets for a total elevation of about 270m .

Saturday was a rest day with no running or Cross fit . I went to a wedding in the afternoon so had a break from training.

Sunday .Last biggish run with a 2.15 run at Kalamunda . Great day with cool temperatures and we went slow given the mount of gravel and stones about .Finished up with 13 kms . In the afternoon I walked with Jonathan and did 5 climbs on the Kokoda trail .

The bibbulmun track

Sun rising Sunday 3 May 2015 Kalamunda

Kalamunda Run on 3 May 2015

Run: 6 hrs or 40kms ( elevation 1400m)
cross fit : 1 hr
Total: 7hrs